Diesel scandal: Martin Winterkorn charged with serious fraud

The public prosecutor's office has filed charges in the diesel scandal against the former VW boss. Four other employees of the group are affected.

In the diesel scandal, the prosecutor in Braunschweig, inter alia, charged with serious fraud against the former VW boss Martin Winterkorn. In addition to Winterkorn four other people were charged, said the authority.

The former CEO is accused of serious fraud, breach of the unfair competition law and unfaithfulness. In the diesel scandal several automakers are involved, they are accused of cheating for years on their diesel vehicles. Software should have ensured that limit values ​​for vehicle exhaust gases were only met on the test bench, but not when customers drove on the road.

The exhaust gas scandal first flew in mid-September 2015 at Volkswagen in the USA. Eleven million VW vehicles are affected worldwide.

REF: https://www.zeit.de/mobilitaet/2019-04/diesel-skandal-anklage-gegen-martin-winterkorn-wegen-betruges