Russia vs. Germany 1/14/19 4:35 PM Tim Beyer Because Brazil have just won 24:22 (14:11), the German team could already make the semi-finals clear today. Prerequisite: A victory against Russia. Then the DHB selection would no longer be displaced by one of the first three places in Group A. Russia vs. Germany 1/14/19 4:32 PM Tim Beyer True, Henrik. And I think there is a lot to tell. But let's briefly insert a message that you have certainly read the German Handball Federation happy. Russia vs. Germany 1/14/19 4:04 PM Henrik Bahlmann Russia and Handball? Tim took a closer look at the German opponents: Russia vs. Germany 1/14/19 4:00 PM Henrik Bahlmann The third game of the German team at this World Cup. After wins against Korea and Brazil, another victory against Russia this evening could bring the euphoria scale to the attack. Tim Beyer and I will take a relaxed look at everything - and accompany you through the evening. Welcome! Show more Tickeroo Liveblog Software