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Handball World Cup 2019 in Liveticker: Germany meets Spain


The handball national team is already safe in the semifinals. Now the team of Christian Prokop wants to be group winner. Follow the last main round match against Spain in the live ticker.

Germany vs. Germany Spain 1/23/19 7:18 PM Malte Müller-Michaelis And once again greetings to the colleague Bommes, who opens the preliminary report with the fact that he could first keep to the facts. With emphasis on first. Thanks for so much unwanted honesty. Germany vs. Germany Spain 1/23/19 7:15 PM Marco Fuchs If you want to get a little bit more emotional then we recommend the follow-up report by our colleague Jan Göbel on the match against Croatia. Germany vs. Germany Spain 1/23/19 7:15 PM Malte Müller-Michaeli Greetings from colleague Bahlmann also go to @SophiePassmann, who has a special weakness for the national coach. Germany vs. Germany Spain 1/23/19 7:13 PM Marco Fuchs However, the French might have played differently if they could not have comfortably arranged for second place, and so on - but I also understood the trouble of the Croats very well. But back to today's game: For the final phase of the World Cup Tim Suton moves for Strobel in the squad. The 22-year-old back space player is active in the Bundesliga for the TBV Lemgo and will already be used today. Germany vs. Germany Spain 1/23/19 7:10 PM Malte Müller-Michaelis Especially after the victory of the Croats against France you can understand this idea. Germany vs. Germany Spain 1/23/19 7:10 PM Malte Müller-Michaelis Another epilogue from the match against Croatia (though not as important as the five euros) was a bad letter from the Croats to the World Federation. I have written it before, and I like to write it again: the cry that would have been there had some decisions in the closing phase exactly the other way around, I would not have liked to hear. Thus, the scenes in the post-reporting hardly played a role. Germany vs. Germany Spain 1/23/19 7:08 PM Marco Fuchs colleague Bahlmann, the noble donor of the money, laughs tormented. Germany vs. Germany Spain 1/23/19 7:07 PM Henrik Bahlmann Greetings! Germany vs. Germany Spain 1/23/19 7:06 PM Malte Müller-Michaelis If you wondered what Alexander Bommes did with the five euros he got from us (see live ticker for the Croatia match): He probably has bought chocolate from it, which he now had to train again. Otherwise, we can not explain this post. Germany vs. Germany Spain 1/23/19 7:06 PM Marco Fuchs Not among the Germans is Martin Strobel. The 32-year-old playmaker was badly injured in the match against Croatia and falls "six to eight months" from. Germany vs. Germany Spain 1/23/19 7:03 PM Marco Fuchs I believe that a defeat with nine goals difference, just to catch the Danes in the semi-finals in Hamburg, would be such a mood-killer, that one should refrain as far as possible. The team should now play easily in third gear, bring the game decent home and then look at the result of the Denmark game. Germany vs. Germany Spain 1/23/19 6:58 PM Malte Müller-Michaelis Even in the run-up we had thought about the possible constellations, which are actually obsolete by France's defeat, because the German team would have to do very, very, very stupid, to prevent the group victory yet. Roughly speaking, there were two factions: some say that one must avoid the top favorite Denmark for as long as possible (ie hope for a semi-final against Sweden or Norway). The others, if you have to play against Denmark, then prefer the semi-finals in front of your home crowd in Hamburg as in the final in front of frenetic Danish fans in Herning. Do you have an opinion, Marco? Germany vs. Germany Spain 1/23/19 6:54 PM Marco Fuchs With one eye we will also look at the parallel play in main round group 2, where Denmark and Sweden meet. With Norway beating Hungary in the 6 o'clock game, Germany is currently facing a win against Norway and Denmark against France after the semi-finals. Unless the Swede succeeds against co-hosts Denmark a medium-sized handball miracle. Germany vs. Germany Spain 1/23/19 6:48 PM Marco Fuchs Germany vs. Spain 1/23/19 6:47 PM Marco Fuchs Let's go through all the contingencies: In a defeat with a nine-goal difference, you would only be second in the group, with eight goals and fewer than 28 own hits. If you have more than 28 (for example, 30:38) you would still be first. The sparkling special case: At a 28:36 all numbers between Germany and France would be the same - and it would be solved. Germany vs. Germany Spain 1/23/19 6:39 PM Marco Fuchs The result of the match between France and Croatia has made the encounter between Germany and Spain even a bit tighter. France defeated with 20:23, which has positive consequences for the team of Christian Prokop: Even in a defeat with seven goals difference you would move in as a group first in the semi-finals on Friday in Hamburg. Germany vs. Germany Spain 1/23/19 6:37 PM Malte Müller-Michaelis Good evening, we are the handball World Cup live ticker at SPIEGEL ONLINE. You may know us from our big hits "Ui, is that exciting!" "Ui, that's exciting again!" and "Five Euros for a serving of Bommes". Tonight we dedicate ourselves to the last main round match of the German handball national team against Spain. We are, in this case, Marco Fuchs (who secretly likes to be called Marco Wolff) and Malte Müller-Michaelis (whose 20-month-old son looks a bit like Patrick Wiencek - and throws almost as hard). Good evening, welcome and have fun! Show more Ticker Liveblog Software

Source: spiegel

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