Scene of the match: It was the 25th minute when Hendrik Pekeler tore both hands up and blocked a throw. And because the situation was not yet cleared, Pekeler jumped energetically again, for a moment he seemed to be in the air, then he grabbed the ball with his left hand. The Brazilians of Henrique Teixeira and Thiagos dos Santos were amazed. Perhaps they were just happy that at that moment not even the 2.10-meter-man Finn Lemke was on the record.

The result: Second game, second win - against Brazil, the German national handball team has clearly won 34:21 (15: 8). Here it goes to the message.

First half: Started with an Andreas Wolff in top form. It had only been played for three minutes when Wolff had already rescued against José Toledo and Thiagos dos Santos, also called Peter. When Steffen Weinhold then met, that was the starting signal for an impressive first half of the German team, culminating in a 15: 8-break.

Defensive is trumps: Apart from the good 180 seconds between the 26th and 29th minute, in which Germany conceded three goals, solidified against the Brazilians an impression that had already left the Korea game: defensive trumps the team of national coach Christian Prokop. Again and again, Brazil's attack efforts in the German bloc ended.

The German defense so far against Brazil. #GERBRA

- Martin Schneider (@MSneijder) January 12, 2019

Second half: was not quite as fast in phases as the first, but still worth seeing. As already in the first game, Prokop sent all the men to the field, and Fabian Wiede, Matthias Musche or Paul Drux took their chance. Outstanding was now Uwe Gensheimer, who stood at ten hits in the end. Some seven meters were among them, but also tricky throws - Gensheimer, the wizard with the rubber arm, showed why experts count him in his position among the best players in the world.

Great tactic-cinema: Who had seen the Brazilians play against France, which should have noticed a pattern: patient play structure, no risk, but at the right moment the pass into the backcourt, often to José Toledo - and that was usually a hit. National coach Prokop and his players had obviously not only looked closely, but also drawn the right conclusions.

Often the team acted in a classic 6: 0 defense, which performed a lot of running work against the ball. Pekeler, Lemke and Patrick Wiencek formed a powerful defensive bulwark, and their own attack played the DHB selection clever. Steffen Fäth showed in the Umschaltsituationen that he has overcome in time for the World Cup finals Bundesliga down. If he crossed with quick steps and then threw dry, Brazil's defensive was often powerless.

Good fortune: First Korea, then Brazil - part of the story of the successful kick-off in this World Cup is that the game plan meant it really well with the German national handball team. While Brazil still played against France on Friday night, Germany had a full day's break. That's also why two games against weaker teams are two undisputed victories in the statistics.

Successes from which the team will go with much tailwind in the next few days. "That was the most beautiful game for me ever since I was a national coach," said Prokop on ZDF. It can be understood, but it is clear: Only against Russia, France and Serbia will show how strong this selection really is.