Scene of the game: Three seconds before the end of the game, the French won a final free throw at 24:25. The commercial rush broke out: It was pushed, complained and thrown in the end. Timothey N'Guessan was called the shooter and his violence was in the right corner of the German gate. Balance in the last second! It was the only 26-year-old from FC Barcelona in that match.

Is that bitter!
60 minutes the German team plays at eye level with the world champion. And then comes Timothey N'Guessan ... # ZDFhandballwm #GERFRA # Handball19

- ZDF Sport (@ ZDFsport) January 15, 2019

The result: Germany and France split 25:25 (12:10). Here it goes to the message.

The scene before the scene of the game: The Germans were in the possession of the ball at 25:24 in the last 30 seconds of the game. In the break, head coach Christian Prokop put his players on the final. Just do not throw away the victory as the day before against Russia, there Paul Drux made a major failure. Against France was the unlucky player Fabian Böhm. Instead of Uwe Gensheimer he played the ball out. The discarded ball here, the compensation with the last action there - that can be explained with bad luck, with nerve strain or with class.

The first half: With impressive consistency on the defensive began the DHB selection. It took almost seven minutes for the French to reach their first goal. A felt eternity for the reigning world champion. The offensive players at the defending champion, the German team met a combative superior defense. The class of the French hardly came into their own and Germany continued to make pin-pricks despite repeated mistakes in the offensive. Logical consequence: A 12:10 after 30 minutes.

The second half: At the beginning of the second round, the French seemed to be dissolved. They were free five times before Wolff - five simple hits were the result. Prokop reacted and brought in the goal Silvio Heinevetter for Andreas Wolff and his team fought back into the game. Fabian Wiede scored in the 57th minute to 25:23, Mahé (nine goals) shortened by seven-meter. Böhm then forgave, before the French committed an offensive foul. The rest is known.


Uwe Gensheimer

The leaders: Gensheimer was more often said not to bring in national dress what distinguishes him in the club.

This is different at this tournament. The captain and left wing outside is to be noted that he wants to shape this home World Cup necessarily and can not be impressed by setbacks. Example: In the 13th minute he missed his first seven meters of the tournament. Two and a half minutes later there was the next penalty throw for Germany. Gensheimer approached and chased the ball outstanding under the bar. In addition to the German left wing convinced especially Wiede. Great Zuspiele and powerful throws in the kink - the local hero of the Füchse Berlin united against the world champion like no other German the combination of combat and class.


German players

No new 2007: The world champion has been a bit worried at the thought of the last German home World Cup twelve years ago.

At that time, they were subject hosts Germany in the semifinals and were incensed by the performance of the referee. A perception that probably no one outside Heiner-Brand-Land wanted to contradict. Today's referees Martin Gjeding and Mads Hansen showed a strong performance throughout the tournament. And this with a mood that was once again an increase over the games against Brazil and Russia. A matter of class, even among the referees.

The view: On Thursday (18 clock, live ticker: SPIEGEL ONLINE) is the last round match against Serbia on. The DHB selection is already qualified for the finals. The view goes to the match between Brazil and Korea. Win the South Americans, they accompany France and Germany in the main round.

Good for Gensheimer, Wiede and Prokop: Thus, the Germans retained three points (two against Brazil, one against France), instead of only two (one against Russia, one against France). If you want to reach the big goal semi-final, you have to take a lead against the upcoming opponents but also once over time. Big fight alone is not enough, it also needs the class at the right time.