Game of emotions: In handball, ecstasy, joy, anger and grief are close together - that's how it was in Hamburg. The cheering fans at the beginning, Uwe Gensheimer's jubilation after the 1: 0, the clearly formulated incomprehension of Andreas Wolff, when he was replaced, - and in the end the tears of Patrick Wiencek. Cold left the handball on Friday evening nobody.

From national player to national player: Over the past few days, many people have expressed that they believe much in handball of what they miss in football. The fact that there was no jealousy of the footballers was shown by the many warm words from Löw, Grindel and Co. There was a very special greeting from the national team players Thomas Müller, Joshua "Heiner" Kimmich and Leon Goretzka.


- Thomas Müller (@esmuellert_) January 25, 2019

The result: All good wishes from the football industry did not help - the German team lost the semi-final 25:31 (12:14) against Norway. In the final, on Sunday, thanks to the Danish victory against France for the Scandinavian duel (17:30 clock). The DHB team meets in the game for third place on the French (14.30 clock, live ticker SPIEGEL ONLINE, TV: ZDF).

The first half: The Germans led fast 3-1, but then weakened the DHB team and the Norwegians get three goals in a row. In the offensive, the Germans gave many opportunities - and were able to thank their strong keepers Andreas Wolff and Silvio Heinevetter (the national coach Christian Prokop to the annoyance of Wolff - despite a strong phase of Wolff - switched). Both showed great parades. Nevertheless, Norway lead at half time 14:12.


Silvio Heinevetter

The second half: Norway was able to quickly extend his lead to four goals - Prokop tried to shake up his team in a break. Germany actually came in, but Fabian Böhm rejected the chance to score a goal. Then Hendrik Pekeler red carded his third time penalty - and Norway moved away again. In the end, there were six goals ahead.

Two minutes: The Czech referee drove a strict line. This meant that both teams had at times two players each in the penalty box. Some penalties (such as Uwe Gensheimer's "emergency brake", who knocked over a Norwegian from behind in a counterattack) were justified, but in other situations the referees could have gotten off with a stern look. In the end there were a total of ten penalties. "In my eyes, it was not a tough game," said Prokop after the game.

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- Stephan Görtz (@stephangoertz) January 25, 2019

Voices: "These were just too many goals and Norway has played the clever," said Paul Drux in the ARD. "Norway was better," said Prokop. And Heinevetter said, "Today was the worm in both the defense and the attack."

Just typed: Uwe Schwenker, President of the Handball Bundesliga, had previously typed in a World Cup final between Germany and France. Handball experts can be wrong this way.

Outlook: So disappointed the players were after the bankruptcy - in the interviews, many said that they now want to get the bronze medal - also Prokop: "We will not let us take."