Biathlon: Johannes Kühn finishes second, Franziska Preuß awards victory with last shot

Biathlete Johannes Kühn missed victory in Slovenia, but still celebrated the biggest success of his career. Franziska Preuss also ran away for a long time before she took the final shot for victory.

Johannes Kühn narrowly missed the first World Cup victory of his career in the Slovenian Pokljuka. Kühn was in the individual over 20 kilometers until shortly before the end at the top - before he was displaced seven times overall World Cup winner Martin Fourcade to second place. In the end Kühn separated 4.2 seconds from first place.

"It's a pity, because it was so close, but still I'm super-happy," said Kühn on ARD: "It's great that shooting is so good, it would be nice if it stays that way."

The second place is the biggest success in the career of Kühn, whose best result so far had been a fifth place in the mass start. Simon Schempp also had a good chance of winning a medal before beating the final shot in the final shooting and finishing fifth.

19 hits, one failed attempt - tenth place

Similarly, a few hours later, Franziska Preuss fared. The 24-year-old was in the individual over 15 kilometers in the meantime in first place, before she missed the goal after 19 consecutive hits in the last attempt and a penalty minute traded - and even slipped to tenth place.

"In the last shot I was maybe a bit too aggressive, which is annoying in retrospect," said Preuß the ARD. She was 59.1 seconds behind the clean Ukrainian Julija Dschyma, who finished ahead of Poland's Monika Hojnisz (+5.9 seconds / one penalty) and the Czech Marketa Davidova (+16.5 / 1).

In the absence of double Olympic gold medalist Laura Dahlmeier, who probably will not return until the new year after a sick leave, Franziska Hildebrand was the second best German in 22nd place. Directly behind came Nadine Horchler. Denise Herrmann finished in 29th place, Vanessa Hinz finished in 32nd place, Karolin Horchler finished in 37th place and Anna Weidel in 66th place.