Since her breakthrough in 2019, Linn Svahn has become one of Sweden's biggest sports profiles. In SVT's series "Cold talk", she opens up about her integrity and life in the public eye.

"I don't think it's a given. Just because I'm skiing and it makes me public, I haven't chosen to go public. I have chosen to succeed in my sport, which is a public thing:

Is it harder the more famous you become?

"It's become more that I've backed off even more. Even though I was clear about it from the start, I can even more separate Linn and the skier. It's not Linn who's famous, it's the skier.

How do you see life after your career?

"I can't bet on everything I own that I won't be in the public eye when I retire. But I think it takes a lot for me to do it. I think I'll be seen when I'm skiing, then I'll not be seen anymore," she says.

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Linn Svahn on dominance: "The dumbest question I've ever been asked" Photo: SVT