Hear Östlund elaborate on the "cheating" in the clip above.

World Junior Championships in Gothenburg

  • Decide with a slap shot in the cross in the World Junior Championship quarterfinals

    21 sec

  • Watch the Czech roar of joy after the upset against Canada

    27 sec

  • Finnish anger at the images – approved after review

    30 sec

  • Explaining the messy pictures: "Jungle hockey"

    25 sec

  • Shocking teammates during strange competition

    1 min

  • Finnish hero silences Swedes

    10 sec

  • Gavin Brindley scores delicious solo goal for USA against Slovakia

    22 sec

  • See Sweden's goals in the win against Canada

    45 sec

  • The Canadian gets a match penalty – after six (!) seconds

    30 sec

  • Sweden misses out on huge opportunity – then Finland decides

    46 sec

  • Here the hero of the match Scandinavium shushes

    10 sec

  • Watch the American's solo goal from his own zone

    27 sec

  • The German is sawed after the match penalty

    35 sec

  • Hear "Henke's" tribute to the goalkeeper

    23 sec

  • Stenberg became a hat-trick hero against Germany

    49 sec

  • Slovakia overtook Norway

    25 sec

  • The American had a great showing against Switzerland

    53 sec

  • Finland fell again – conceded hilarious goal

    26 sec

  • Isac Born talks about the heel in the premiere

    39 sec

  • Adam Jiricek will miss the rest of the World Junior Championships

    37 sec

  • The Junior Crowns about the crowd pressure in Gothenburg

    53 sec

  • Watch the goals in the opening game against Latvia

    2 min

  • Swedish match penalty after 25 seconds

    27 sec

  • Strange scenes: "Weak by the judge"

    21 sec

  • Czech Republic crushed – goalkeeper with double mistakes

    25 sec