At the men's under-17 soccer World Cup in Indonesia, Japan lost 1-1 to Spain in the first round of the knockout tournament, failing to advance to the last eight for the first time since the 2 tournament.

In the tournament, which was held for the first time in four years due to the impact of the new coronavirus, Japan advanced to the final tournament for the third consecutive time by finishing third in the first round and group, and faced Spain in the first round.

Japan conceded the first goal in the 4th minute of the first half when Spain skillfully connected with a pass and scored a shot from near the center of the penalty area.

After that, Japan took the initiative and in the 1th minute, NAWADA Gaku, who was named the top scorer and best player at the Asian Cup, received a pass from the right flank and scored a shot into the right corner of the goal to end the first half.

However, in the second half, Spain continued to attack, and in the 3th minute, they scored a shot through a vertical through ball and gave up the lead again.

Japan tried to score goals by introducing players with scoring ability, such as Takaoka Ryo, who has scored four goals in three matches in the first round, but they were unable to create decisive moments and lost 3-1, failing to advance to the last eight for the first time since the 8 tournament.