At the end of September, Andrea Möllerberg was elected as the new Secretary General of the Swedish Football Association. The 50-year-old, who replaced Håkan Sjöstrand, has an important role in Sweden's search for a new head coach.

"We have finalised a requirement profile. We work with a similar gross list as all of you in the media do, says Möllerberg to SVT Sport.

What's in that requirement profile?

"We're talking about a match coach. They (the players) get together five to six times a year, meet for three days and then they have to win a game. That is the gist of it. To be able to make a change of scenery during the match, that's the big part of the requirement profile.

Could become a foreign national team coach

Möllerberg believes that it is not ruled out that it will be a foreign coach who replaces Janne Andersson.

"It doesn't really matter that much. Of course we are looking at the Scandinavian market. But if you look at the players who will play in the national team in the coming years, most of them are on the international market, so they are used to international leadership," she says.

The next national team gathering awaits after the turn of the year, in connection with the January tour. But according to SvFF's general secretary, it may be some time before a new head coach is in place.

"The most important thing is that we have a national coach in place for March. We don't need to rush, we'd rather see it be good and right," says Möllerberg.