Medvedeva's birthday

Last Sunday, November 19, Evgenia Medvedeva turned 24 years old. On the eve of her birthday, the vice-champion of the Olympics in Pyeongchang spent in the company of close friends, who presented her with a cake right at midnight. Immediately after that, congratulations from both fans and athletes began to appear on social networks. Fans of the two-time world champion were waiting for themed pictures to appear on her account, because the figure skater always arranged bright photo shoots for previous birthdays. But this time, Evgenia decided to do without them.

"This year is without superfluous and superficial things. I've grown up, and 24 years already sounds solid. Happiness is here, it is always with us and in our hands. I'm growing, I'm changing, and it's wonderful. I am in love with my path and I am waiting for what life has in store for me in the future," Medvedeva wrote on social networks.

And the main event in honor of the 24th anniversary of the athlete was the release of the documentary "Medvedeva vs Medvedeva", which has been filmed since 2018. Evgenia attended the premiere at the Oktyabr cinema, where a small embarrassment happened to her: going on stage, the figure skater stumbled and fell. However, she immediately brilliantly got out of the awkward situation. "Figure skating is more than medals. And my appearance on the stage now also showed that the one who did not fall, did not get up," she said.

The birthday girl also admitted that during the filming she wanted to paint a positive image of her sports life, and not burden the audience with complaints about difficulties and injuries.

"We can always complain, but highlighting something good, beautiful, responding with gratitude – it takes more effort. There is always a place for negativity, and on my birthday I would like to have a positive one. So the picture is more motivational than the other way around," the two-time world champion emphasized.

During the discussion of the film, of course, they did not ignore how Medvedeva experienced the loss to Alina Zagitova at the Games in Pyeongchang. The figure skater stressed that she let go of this situation a long time ago and in her life it faded far into the background.

"I'm such a different person, it's been so long ago! Therefore, when I am seriously asked whether I regret it or not... I don't remember! That was six years ago. Look at me now and me at the Olympics – they're two different people. I'm living the life I've always dreamed of. I didn't even dream, but I had no idea that it was possible to live like this. What kind of regret can we talk about? I have plans for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow – no plans for the past. Damn, it was. Offensively? Yes, it was. Cried? Yes, I cried. But now I'm not crying. That's all," Medvedeva concluded.

Kostomarov's social life

One of those who came to congratulate Medvedeva on her birthday and the premiere of the film was Roman Kostomarov. After being discharged from the hospital, the Olympic champion is gradually returning to social life. So, a few days earlier, he and his wife, world champion Oksana Domnina, attended the award ceremony of OK magazine. Roman won the award "For Courage, Fortitude and Incredible Love of Life" in the category "Main Character. Editor's Choice". The guests greeted Kostomarov's appearance on the stage with a standing ovation, accompanied by a storm of applause. Attention to the figure skater was also riveted during the meeting with Medvedeva.

"I didn't think for a second when I received an invitation from Zhenya: I packed up and went. Zhenya is a very purposeful and talented person. A beautiful girl, skates beautifully, wins beautifully – everything in her is combined, which led her to success. Overcoming yourself is not easy. The main thing is that there is a desire for this. If there is a desire, then you can overcome any difficulties," Roman said.

Last week, Kostomarov had another important meeting: he visited the medical staff of the hospital in Kommunarka, where he was treated for pneumonia and subsequent complications. The visit was very emotional.

"Yesterday I visited the place where I was born again and spent 175 days. I saw again those people who fought for my life. Memories flooded back, emotions ran high... But I was very glad to see everyone. Thank you all. Good health to all," the Olympic champion wrote on his Telegram channel.

Meanwhile, Alexander Zhulin expressed confidence that his former ward will certainly go on the ice on skates. He even suggested that his first performance would be a joint performance with Tatyana Navka.

"At some upcoming show? I don't know, these are my fantasies, which, I'm more than sure, will turn into reality," Sport-Express quotes Zhulin as saying.

  • Roman Kostomarov, Evgenia Medvedeva and Oksana Domnina at the premiere of the documentary "Medvedeva VS Medvedeva"
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Hotel with cockroaches

The stage of the Russian Junior Grand Prix in Samara was remembered not so much for the results, but for the troubles with the placement of figure skaters. After checking into the hotel, the young athletes began to share photos and videos of the rooms on social networks, which shocked many. The videos show very ascetic interiors, shabby parquet, some rooms are frankly dirty: garbage is lying on the floor, and used personal hygiene products are in the bathroom. In addition, figure skaters have repeatedly noticed cockroaches in the hotel.

The Russian Figure Skating Federation was dissatisfied with the complaints of athletes and questions from journalists. So, the head coach of the national team Elena Tchaikovskaya commented on the situation with sarcasm.

"I have lived in this Volga Hotel all my life. There is no more beautiful and wonderful hotel. Well, if you found cockroaches, then tell the management. When bedbugs crawl over you in Paris (complain Americans who have never seen bedbugs), no one makes a boom out of it. In general, it is strange that you pick up this topic. Why are you talking about cockroaches? Let's train not athletes, but cockroaches. They say that they are the most trained insects," Championat quotes the specialist.

In turn, the general director of Volga, Vladilen Zotov, accused his guests of being spoiled and expecting too much from a three-star hotel. He suggested that they move to a higher-class hotel, where "they probably change everything more often." He also said that shortly before the arrival of the skaters, the institution was disinfected, and was even ready to show documents.

"It is at this time that cockroaches sometimes appear - when there is a transition from summer to winter time. Right next to the Volga! But we have an act stating that we have carried out all the procedures. Well, yes, two or three cockroaches were found somewhere there. But we carried out pest control with a company with which we have been doing this for many years. The hotel is the largest in the city. In one room, they found two dead cockroaches!" - quotes the words of the head of Match TV.

Complaints about living conditions from juniors were also heard during the previous stage in Kazan. It is worth noting that adult participants and representatives of the federation live in a premium hotel.

Words by Rodnina

Irina Rodnina shocked the world of figure skating by calling the Russian Grand Prix series "the championship of the housing office." She said that she does not watch competitions where only Russians perform, as she is not interested. Later, the three-time Olympic champion explained that she had been attracted only to the largest international tournaments - the Olympic Games and the World Championships.

"The heat will be in 2025, before the Olympic Games. I really hope that our guys will also perform. And now I feel sorry for the guys. That's what they're preparing for? Yes, we support them, organise a large number of competitions and exhibition performances. But in general, you can already feel the overeating of figure skating," Rodnina said.

The head coach of the national team Elena Tchaikovskaya did not agree with the statement that the level of domestic tournaments is low, and urged to take a calmer attitude to the words of the former figure skater.

"Let's not scold Rodnina. She is a great athlete, but she did not find herself in figure skating and in the work of a coach. That's probably why she still has some pain. Hence such statements," the specialist said in a comment to Sport24.

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Zheleznyakov's departure from Tutberidze

Many fans of figure skaters of the coaching staff of Eteri Tutberidze were shocked by the news about the departure of choreographer Alexei Zheleznyakov from the team. The specialist worked with the coach almost from the very moment she came to Khrustalny, all her stars passed through his hands - from Yulia Lipnitskaya to Kamila Valieva. The exact reasons for the termination of cooperation are unknown. According to some insider data, Tutberidze was the initiator of the breakup, but the choreographer himself denied this information.

"I left on my own. And I have enough work, even too much," Match TV quotes the specialist as saying.

According to rumors, the decision to leave was influenced by the appearance of a new choreographer in Tutberidze's team. In addition, Alexei has had his own dance school for five years, which probably requires more and more attention. Interestingly, in 2020, when Alexandra Trusova left Khrustalny, Zheleznyakov accused the athlete of ingratitude and said that he would never do this himself.

"I remember who I came to this team – just a youngster, a beautifully dancing young man – and who I have become now thanks to Tutberidze. Yes, I worked a lot on myself, a lot. But there are so many of us! If it wasn't for this team, I wouldn't be who I am today! Offer me a million dollars, and I'll stay on this team until I retire and my limbs don't work as well as they do now. There is such a word as "gratitude", always remember this. And time, life and higher powers will judge all of us!" wrote Alexei on his social network at the time.

  • Eteri Tutberidze
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Khrustalny did not comment on the choreographer's departure, and Tatyana Tarasova said that she could not assess how big a loss it would be for the coaching staff.

"Why ask me like I'm the biggest gossip. I don't know his work, I haven't seen it. I know the work of Daniil Gleikhengauz, but I don't know Zheleznyakov," RIA Novosti quotes the famous coach as saying.

Hanyu's Divorce

The popularity of athletes sometimes leads to unexpected and even sad consequences. Yuzuru Hanyu decided to divorce just three months after the wedding. The two-time Olympic champion published a post about this, more like a cry for help, on his social network. He said that he married an ordinary girl, but from the very first days, his new family became the object of persecution from fans and journalists. At the house where he and his wife lived, there were always some strange people and suspicious cars, because of this, they often could not even go outside. Other relatives of the figure skater and his wife were also followed, and scandalous publications appeared in the press every now and then. In the end, Hanyu couldn't stand the psychological strain.

"Because of my immaturity, it was very difficult for me to protect her and myself in this situation. I want my partner to be happy without limits, so I made the decision to divorce," the 28-year-old figure skater wrote.

  • Yuzuru Hanyu
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