Sweden and Italy followed each other in a well-played match during the European Championships in Aberdeen, Scotland. It wasn't until the ninth round, with the score 5-5, that the Italians took the lead after two Swedish misses.

The penultimate stone changed direction and hit another Swedish stone and the last stone did not reach all the way to remove Italy's stone.

"Unfortunately, it's a matter of chance and not the difference in level of play," says Eva Lund.

"It's a stone that cuts and a miscalculation on the fly on Niklas (Edin) stone. It can be hard to shake it off right away, it feels a bit awkward.

Italy, which is ranked number one in the world, won 7-5, which means that Team Edin started the European Championship with two wins and two losses.

"I'm not worried at all about Sweden's playoff chances," Lund said.

Later in the evening, Sweden will face Norway.