December 9 :

09.20 – 12.15, SVT1/Play: Ski Classics, team time trial, Bad Gastein, Austria, 15km.

December 10:

09.05 – 11.05, SVT1/Play: Ski Classics, Bad Gastein, Austria, 35km.

11.00 – 12.20, SVT2/Play: Ski Classics, Bad Gastein, Austria, 35km.

December 16:

08.15 – 12.15, SVT1/Play: Ski Classics, La Venosta Criterium, Italy, 35km.

December 17:

08.00 – 12.00, SVT1/Play: Ski Classics, La Venosta ltt, Italy, 10km

January 13:

08.50 – 12.15, SVT1/Play: Ski Classics, Pustertaler Ski Marathon, Italy, 62km

January 20:

08.55 – 11.40, SVT1/Play: Ski Classics, Engadin la Diagonela, Switzerland, 55km

January 28:

08.00 – 11.20, SVT1/Play: Ski Classics, Marcialonga, Italy, 70km***

February 11:

08.05 – 11.30, SVT1/Play: Ski Classics, Jizerská Padesátka, Czech Republic, 50km***

February 17:

07.50 – 12.50, SVT1/Play: Ski Classics, Grönklitt Criterium, Sweden, 50km

15.30 – 16.00, SVT1/Play: Ski Classics, summary.

February 18:

07.50 – 12.15, SVT1/Play: Ski Classics, Grönklitt Itt, Sweden, 12km

March 3:

08.00 – 12.30, SVT1/Play: Ski Classics, Vasaloppet, Sweden, 90km ***

March 16:

07.30 – 10.55, SVT Play: Ski Classics, Birkebeinerennet, Norway, 54km***

April 6:

09.50 – 12.30, SVT Play: Ski Classics, Reistadløpet, Norway, 50km

April 7:

07.50 – 11.20, SVT Play: Ski Classics, Summit 2 Senja, Norway, 60km

April 13:

07.50 – 13.00, SVT Play: Ski Classics, Janteloppet, Norway, 100km

Marcialonga, Jizerská50, Vasaloppet and Birkebeinerrennet are the season's big races, which are Grand Classics competitions.

Here you will find all broadcasts from Ski Classics in SVT Play >>>

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Emil Persson took his first Swedish Vasaloppet victory in eleven years. Photo: Bildbyrån


"The competitions vary in length. The longest is ten miles, i.e. one mile longer than Vasaloppet.

"The riders race in different teams, which means that you don't compete for your country, but for a team with several different nationalities. There is also a cup between the teams.

"Ladies and gentlemen run the same distance, but the women usually start a little ahead.

"In terms of points, the races are worth winning differently, you get a little more points in the bigger races. The four biggest races, the Grand Classics, together form a Grand Slam. If you win all four in a row, the skater is awarded an extra bonus, a feat someone has not managed so far.

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Ida Dahl and Emil Persson were the overall winners of Ski Classics last season. The team competition was won by Norwegian Aker Daehlie.

Women's top three:

1. Ida Dahl, Team Engcon, 2351 points

2. Magni Smedås, Team Eksjöhus, 2310 points

3. Emilie Fleten, Team Ramudden, 2134 points

Men's Top Three:

1. Emil Persson, Lager 157, 2407 points

2. Andras Nygaard, Team Ragde Charge, 1613 points

3. Max Novak, Team Aker Daehlie, 1583 points

Overall standings and official website:


35 teams compete in the 15th season of Ski Classics. Norway has the most number of teams with a total of 11 teams, Sweden has the second most with six teams.

Finland, the Czech Republic, Italy and France all have three teams each, Germany has two. Switzerland, Austria, Estonia and Denmark all have a team in this year's Endurance Cup.

Pro Team, Country, Ranking

Team Aker Dæhlie, NOR, #1

Lager 157 Ski Team, SWE, #2

Team Ramudden, SWE, #3

Team Eksjöhus, SWE, #4

Team Ragde Charge, NOR, #5

Team Engcon, SWE, #6

Team Næringsbanken Stora Enso, NOR, #7

Team Prestasjonsboost, NOR, #8

Team Kaffebryggeriet, NOR, #9

Team Robinson Trentino, ITA, #10

Team Nordic Expérience, FRA, #11

Vltava Fund Ski Team, CZE, #12

Ski Team Göhlins, SWE, #13

eD system Silvini Team, CZE, #14

Team Edux, FIN, #15

Team Kaski – Ekovilla, FIN, #16

Exsitec Ski Team, SWE, #17

Slavia Pojišťovna Sport Team, CZE, #18

Team NTNUI Sweco, NOR, #19

Team Front Rustad IL, NOR, #20

Team Internorm Alpenplus Trentino, ITA, #21

Team Synnfjell, NOR, #22 A|N Skimarathon Team, GER, #23

Team BSV Ibex, SWI, #24

Team Mäenpää, FIN, #25

Team Futura Trentino GTE Elettrica, ITA, #26

YC Rør Sjusjøen Ski Team, NOR, #27

Team Janteloppet, NOR, #28

Team Coop Madshus, NOR, #29

Team Fikala Evecon, EST, #31

Ski-Willy Marathon Team Austria, AUT, #32

Bruse Sauerland Ski Team, GER, #33

Danish Skimarathon Team, DEN, #34

i3 Ski Team, FRA, #35

Team Vercors Isère, FRA, #35