On the 10th day of the Sumo Kyushu Tournament, Kirishima, a two-loss ozeki who is chasing the sole leader of the Hiramaku Ichiyamamoto, will face Nishikiki of the Hiraku.

On the 9th, the ninth day of the Kyushu location, of the three ozeki, Kirishima and Kikagekatsu won and Toyosho Ryu lost.

As a result, Kirishima lost 20 and Toyosho Ryu and Kikagekatsu lost 3, and they are chasing Hiramaku and Ichiyamamoto, who are the only ones to make it to the finals.

On the 2th day, on the 3st, Kirishima will face Nishiki, a three-loss Hiraku.

Their previous head-to-head record is 1 wins and 1 losses, but Nishikiki has won the last place.

Kirishima would like to use his speed to attack so that his chest does not match, while Nishikiki wants to take advantage of the weight of his hips and close out.

Of the three losses to Ozeki, Kikagekatsu will face Koyu Ani at the top of the knot.

Although Gui Jingsheng has lost five and six in the past, they have won the last two places where they have faced each other.

It is expected that they will attack each other with violent thrusts, but the key is to be able to attack calmly with the slap and nashi in mind.

Toyosho Ryu will face Sekiwaki Wakamotoharu, who has won 10 games and lost 21 in the past, while Sekiwaki Kotonowaka, who has two losses, will face Hiraku's Gonoyama, who has defeated two ozeki so far.

In addition to this, there is only one player with one loss, and Ichiyamamoto will face Hiraku, who has three losses.