Shohei Ohtani of the Angels was named the MVP of the Major League Baseball. At that time, the dog that was shown with him has also become a hot topic on SNS.

Ohtani was interviewed while sitting on a sofa and holding his dog during the broadcast of the American program where the MVP was announced.

When the situation was broadcast on TV news and on the Internet, there were a series of posts on social media such as "The high five is cute" and "I want to be Otani's dog".

It is not clear who actually owns the dog, but the Angels' Instagram posted "two very good boys" along with a two-shot photo of Ohtani and the dog, and the dog seems to be a male.

As for the type of dog you are interested in, according to the "Japan Kennel Club", which issues dog pedigree certificates, "It seems to be 'Koikerhondier' from the drooping ears and facial features."

The appearance is characterized by white fur with bright orange-red spots, which means that the personality is loyal and easygoing.

In the past year, 1 Koikerhondiers have registered pedigree certificates in Japan.

On social media, there are voices such as "I heard about it for the first time," "I want to keep it," and "I'm very happy that my dog was of the same breed," and Ohtani's popularity has extended to dogs.