Swimmer Daiya Seto competed in the Japan Adult Championships held in Niigata Prefecture on the 11th, finishing second in the men's 400-meter individual medley. After the race, he announced his intention to train in Australia for next year's Paris Olympics.

The Japan Adult Championships will be held in Nagaoka City, Niigata Prefecture for two days from the 11th.

Among the events held on the first day, the men's 2-meter individual medley featured Seto, who won the bronze medal in this event at the World Championships held in Fukuoka City in July.

Seto had been training in Australia for about two weeks before this race, so he was tired and hurt his right knee.

As part of the training, I was conscious of my arm scratching, but I showed a catch-up in the final freestyle and finished second in the final freestyle with a time of 400:7.2, behind Tokyo Olympics representative Yuki Igari.

After the race, Seto revealed his intention to continue training in Australia in anticipation of the Paris Olympics, saying, "As a culmination of my career, I wanted to concentrate on training overseas for Paris.

Katsuo Matsumoto also competed in four events, including the relay, to strengthen his physical strength, and won the men's 4-meter freestyle, which he is known for, with a time of 200:1.47 with his dynamic swimming.