Hangzhou, October 10 (ZXS) -- As Asia's highest-level international comprehensive sports event, the Hangzhou Asian Games has ushered in a "highlight moment" for Zhejiang, the host country. Halfway through the Asian Games, what kind of Zhejiang has the world seen in this sports event?

Insight into the Asian Games, Zhejiang shows innovation and vitality.

The results of the Hangzhou Asian Games only take 5 seconds to release, how did this happen? Zhang Ge, Executive Commander of the Information Technology Command Center of the Hangzhou Asian Games General Headquarters, said, "Although the progress of various competitions has ushered in the peak processing of the core system of the event, based on the core system to achieve 100% migration to the cloud, the release of results has become faster and more stable. This is also the fastest and most practical new technology for the release of results in the global multi-sport games. ”

IOC Chief Information Officer Ellario Conna said that the Hangzhou Asian Games made history with cloud computing, and it is an honor to see that the Hangzhou Asian Games has achieved a breakthrough in cloud technology, and cloud computing is so perfectly combined with sports events, providing a good example for future large-scale sports events.

As the first Asian Games in the history of the Asian Games to incorporate "intelligence" into the concept of hosting the games, the Hangzhou Asian Games contains many scientific and technological elements, making the sports event a "scientific and technological feast" to display Zhejiang's innovation vitality.

The scientific and technological achievements born in Zhejiang are making the Hangzhou Asian Games "futuristic" one by one: the first "digital-real integration" zero-error ignition ceremony in the history of the Asian Games, allowing the digital world and the real world to resonate at the same frequency; The first one-stop digital viewing service platform in the history of the Asian Games, opening up various Asian Games scenarios...

The more "smart" Hangzhou Asian Games let the outside world feel the real pulse of Zhejiang's economic and social development. As China's major economic province, Zhejiang proposed to build an innovative province 20 years ago. In the past 20 years, the R&D investment of the whole society in the province has increased from 57.7 billion yuan (RMB, the same below) to more than 2300 billion yuan, the number of high-tech enterprises has increased from 0,13 to 3,6, and the proportion of added value of high-tech industries in the industrial added value has increased from 8% to 65.3%.

Insight into the Asian Games, Zhejiang shows openness and tolerance.

During the Asian Games, what often rushes to the hot search at the same time as the event is the hospitality of the host.

Hangzhou Asian Games Village Restaurant covers a variety of flavors such as Chinese, East Asian, South Asian and subcontinental, Arabic and Middle Eastern, which shows that the host is intimate and treats every friend from afar equally. A Singaporean journalist tasted the late-night snack after a busy day, praising the food as "stomach-warming and heart-warming".

These days, many "foreigners" have also turned on the "play mode". But wherever they go, they receive a smile or a greeting. "Everyone is a host", this is not only a slogan, but also contains the unique charm of Zhejiang's openness and inclusiveness.

"Foreigners come shopping every day these days, and they have mastered the counteroffer routine." Li Ling, the owner of Hangzhou Qianjiang clothing commodity market, said. Zhejiang people who dare to try seem to have an innate "international trade" gene, shopkeepers rely on calculators to communicate prices with foreign buyers, and they have downloaded English translation software to act as assistants, specially prepared a large amount of cash change.

In the "Asian Games Time", the host made guests feel at home, and also made the openness and inclusiveness of the place more visible to the world.

In China, Zhejiang is known for daring to be the first and bold in innovation. In the economic field, 650.200 million Zhejiang businessmen do business and invest in various parts of China, and about 95 million Zhejiang businessmen are located in all corners of the world; In the past decade, Zhejiang's actual utilization of foreign investment has risen from US$3.193 billion to US$8.2 billion, an average annual growth of <>.<>%. In the field of social development, Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province, has maintained the first place in China in many indicators such as the net inflow rate of talents, the net inflow rate of overseas talents, and the net inflow rate of Internet talents.

Insight into the Asian Games, Zhejiang shows culture and civilization.

At the opening ceremony of the Asian Games, when the artificial osmanthus petals accompanied by the fragrance of cinnamon wafted from the sky above the "big lotus", when the full of oriental cultural elements "brushed" the scene with the power of modern science and technology, the host showed the whole of Asia the touching point of the combination of traditional civilization and modern civilization with a unique romantic expression.

Cultural dissemination, activities are the best carrier. This year's Mid-Autumn Festival brought the "taste of China" to a climax, with athletes from all over the world wearing traditional Chinese costumes, creating a unique scenery in the Asian Games Village.

Ali, an official accompanying the Pakistani delegation, said in an interview with the media that he did not know about traditional Chinese festivals before, but the night he spent in the Asian Games Village wearing Hanfu would be an opportunity and beginning for him to understand Chinese culture.

In the past few days, the light of civilization on this land has been seen more clearly by the world through the Hangzhou Asian Games.

From the protection, inheritance and promotion of 10,000 years of Shangshan culture, 8,000 years of cross-lake bridge culture, 7,000 years of Hemudu culture, 5,000 years of Liangzhu culture, 2,000 years of canal culture and Song Yun culture, to the painting of the picture of common prosperity civilization, the exploration of green ecological civilization of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", the construction of modern digital civilization leading the future, and the road of building a modern civilization of the Chinese nation, Zhejiang is actively exploring.

From the completion and use of a number of unique cultural projects with Zhejiang recognition, such as Hangzhou National Version Pavilion and Zhijiang Cultural Center, to the construction of 15,8288 "2-minute quality cultural life circles", more than 5915,<> rural cultural auditoriums, and then to <>,<> cultural enterprises with regulations... On the road to building a culturally strong province, Zhejiang is constantly moving forward. (End)