Hangzhou, October 10 (Qian Chenfei) As Asia's highest-level international comprehensive sports event, the holding of the Hangzhou Asian Games has ushered in a "highlight moment" for Zhejiang, the host country. Halfway through the Asian Games, what kind of Zhejiang has the world seen in this sports event?

The innovative energy behind competitive sports

Insight into the Asian Games, "Zhejiang" shows innovation and vitality.

In the intense sports arena, the real-time score beating on the scoreboard is the focal point for athletes and spectators to obtain information about the performance of the event. It is worth noting that the release of the results of the Hangzhou Asian Games only takes 5 seconds, how is this done?

Zhang Ge, Executive Commander of the Information Technology Command Center of the Hangzhou Asian Games General Headquarters, said, "Although the progress of various competitions has ushered in the peak processing of the core system of the event, based on the core system to achieve 100% cloud migration, the Hangzhou Asian Games has made the release of results faster and more stable. This is also the fastest and most practical new technology for the release of results in the global multi-sport games. ”

The opening ceremony of the Hangzhou Asian Games full of science and technology. Photo by Qian Chenfei

IOC Chief Information Officer Ellario Conna said that the Hangzhou Asian Games made history with cloud computing, and it is an honor to see that the Hangzhou Asian Games has achieved a breakthrough in cloud technology, and cloud computing is so perfectly combined with sports events, providing a good example for future large-scale sports events.

Represented by the above content, as the first Asian Games in the history of the Asian Games to incorporate "intelligence" into the concept of hosting the games, the Hangzhou Asian Games contains many scientific and technological elements, making the sports event also a "scientific and technological feast" to display the innovation vitality of Zhejiang.

The event venues full of "wisdom" are one of the carriers for guests from various countries and regions to experience the intelligent characteristics of the Asian Games. For example, Zhejiang Huanglong Sports Center has built the first three-dimensional intelligent management system integrating venue operation and maintenance, operation and event guarantee in 19D scenarios in China, realizing centralized operation and maintenance of more than 5000,<> front-end equipment and systems in <> categories, as well as collaborative management of equipment and supervision. In Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province, autonomous minibuses allow seamless connections between the interior of the huge baseball and softball stadiums, meeting the travel needs of players, people, media and other participants between different areas of the venue.

The scientific and technological achievements born in Zhejiang are making the Hangzhou Asian Games "futuristic" in achieving "firsts": the first "digital-real integration" zero-error ignition ceremony in the history of the Asian Games, allowing the digital world and the real world to resonate at the same frequency; The first one-stop digital viewing service platform in the history of the Asian Games, opening up various Asian Games scenarios; The "Asian Games Village on the Cloud" project was launched, making the Hangzhou Asian Games the first international large-scale event to realize the comprehensive digital and intelligent management of the athletes' village...

Chen Weiqiang, Executive Secretary-General of Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee and Vice Mayor of Hangzhou Municipal People's Government, said that Hangzhou Asian Organizing Committee is to build an "important window" for the construction of a new smart city in the country around Hangzhou, give full play to the advantages of the digital economy, mobilize the forces of all sectors of society, integrate innovative technology into all aspects of the preparation and organization of the Asian Games, and polish the golden business card of the "Smart Asian Games".

The more "smart" Hangzhou Asian Games allows the outside world to feel the real pulse of Zhejiang's economic and social development, and it is also the presentation of Zhejiang's development path of shaping new advantages in development with scientific and technological innovation.

As a major economic province in China, Zhejiang has been making continuous efforts to build an innovative province for 20 years. Through the implementation of the strategy of strengthening the province in scientific and technological innovation and talents, the province's R&D investment in the whole society has increased from 20.57 billion yuan to more than 7 billion yuan in the past 2300 years, the number of high-tech enterprises has increased from 0,13 to 3,6, and the proportion of the added value of high-tech industries in the industrial added value has increased from 8% to 65.3%.

Another representative perspective is the "digital economy". Today, in Zhejiang, the digital economy representing innovation vitality has become its economic golden business card. Last year, the added value of the core industries of Zhejiang's digital economy reached 8977.11 billion yuan, accounting for 6.3% of GDP; The province's industrial digitalization index has ranked first in China for three consecutive years.

Openness and inclusiveness behind hospitality

Insight into the Asian Games, "Zhejiang" shows openness and tolerance.

Knowing each other far and near, thousands of miles are still neighbors. When Hangzhou issued a warm invitation to all of Asia, when guests from all over the world gathered on the banks of the Qiantang River, the glory and dream of the "Hangzhou Moment" in the history of the Asian Games began to be recounted, and the harmonious music of "Aida Future" was played.

During the Hangzhou Asian Games, what often rushes to the hot search at the same time as the event is the hospitality of the host.

Hangzhou Asian Games Village has a total of 6 restaurants, covering Chinese, East Asian, South Asian and subcontinental, Arabic and Middle Eastern flavors, which shows that the host treats every friend from afar intimately and equally. A Japanese journalist lamented that he was "so happy" after tasting various dishes in the Hangzhou Asian Games Village. A journalist in Singapore, after a busy day of work, tasted a "tear-jerking" late-night snack and praised the food as "heartwarming and heartwarming".

Hangzhou Asian Games Village Media Restaurant offers a variety of flavors of dining. Photo by Qian Chenfei

Hospitality is not only reflected in the "Food in the Asian Games", and the life scenes in "Zhejiang" have also left a deep impression on athletes, technical officials, media reporters, etc. from various countries and regions.

These days, in addition to the competition, many "foreigners" have begun to "follow the customs" and open the "play mode" in Zhejiang. But wherever they go, they can meet a cordial greeting or a friendly smile. "Everyone is a host", this is not only a slogan, but also contains the unique charm of Zhejiang's openness and inclusiveness.

In the past few days, foreign friends have often appeared in clothing cities and small commodity markets throughout Zhejiang, opening the "buy, buy, buy" mode.

"With the Asian Games, every day 'foreigners' come to haggle for half and turn around and pretend to go, they have mastered the counter-offer routine." Li Ling, the owner of Hangzhou Qianjiang clothing and small commodities market, said with a smile. Zhejiang people who dare to try seem to be born with "international trade" genes, market owners can communicate prices with foreign buyers with calculators, download various English translation software as assistants, and they are accustomed to using mobile payment.

Mohammed, a medic from the Syrian boxing team who came here, said: "The market is clean and the owners here are very helpful. I hope I can enjoy the rest of my time in Hangzhou. ”

In the "Asian Games Time", the host made guests feel at home, and also made the open and inclusive temperament here more visible to the world.

In China, Zhejiang is known for daring to be the first and bold in innovation. In the economic field, 650.200 million Zhejiang businessmen are doing business and investing throughout the country, and about 200 million Zhejiang businessmen are located in all corners of the world; Yiwu, the "world supermarket" located in Zhejiang, has established trade exchanges with more than 95 countries and regions around the world; In the past decade, Zhejiang's actual utilization of foreign capital has risen from US$3.193 billion to US$8.2 billion, an average annual growth of <>.<>%...

In the field of social development, according to the data of the seventh population census, in 2020, the inflow of people from Zhejiang Province exceeded 1600 million, second only to Guangdong in China, that is, 4 in every 1 permanent residents came from outside the province. Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang Province, has maintained the first place in China in many indicators such as net talent inflow rate, overseas talent net inflow rate, and Internet talent net inflow rate for many consecutive years. Across Zhejiang, more and more foreigners have not only become "new citizens" of the city, but also many of them have become volunteers and city volunteers during the Asian Games.

The modern civilization behind "Chinese romance"

Insight into the Asian Games, "Zhejiang" shows culture and civilization.

Malaysian National News Agency reporter Raman Venusvaran said before the opening ceremony that he is very much looking forward to experiencing and recording a wonderful Asian Games in Hangzhou, especially the opening ceremony presented by the combination of science and technology and art.

In the popular view, it is colorful, and the curve is high and harmonious. Hangzhou did it. When the artificial osmanthus petals floated from the sky above the "big lotus" with the fragrance of cinnamon, and when the full of oriental cultural elements "brushed the screen" with the help of modern technology, the host showed the whole of Asia the touching point of the combination of traditional civilization and modern civilization with a unique romantic expression.

It is not only the opening ceremony that amazes the world, as one of the concepts of hosting the games, "civilization" can be seen everywhere in this Asian Games. For example, in the Hangzhou Asian Games Village, the charm of traditional culture and modern sports is vividly displayed in the cultural hut.

Mo Shi'an, deputy commander of the operation management center of Hangzhou Asian Games Village, introduced that the entire Asian Games Village has carefully built three cultural huts, respectively in the athletes' village, the technical officials' village and the media village, with a total of nearly 600 representative items and exhibits of intangible cultural heritage, focusing on displaying the charm of China's excellent traditional culture.

For example, in the athlete's village cultural hut, a 60-meter-long "Chinese dragon" kite hovers over the hut, symbolizing the long and profound history of Chinese civilization. Inside, traditional Chinese skills such as buckles, winding and velvet flower making skills, woodblock printing, and Lin'an Changhua bamboo weaving are displayed one by one.

Inside the Hangzhou Asian Games Village Cultural Hut. Photo by Qian Chenfei

Nguyen Gia Yan, an athlete from Singapore, said after experiencing the bamboo weaving skills of Lin'an Changhua, "This is my first time to experience the bamboo weaving skills, it is a very interesting experience, and I will take the works home and give them to my mother." ”

Cultural dissemination, activities are the best carrier. This year's Mid-Autumn Festival brought the "Chinese taste" of the Hangzhou Asian Games Village to a climax, with athletes from all over the world wearing traditional Chinese costumes, which became a different scenery in the Asian Games Village.

Masood Ali, an official accompanying the Pakistani delegation, said in an interview with the media that although he did not know much about the traditional Chinese festival Mid-Autumn Festival before, the night he spent in the Asian Games Village wearing Hanfu would become an opportunity and beginning for him to understand Chinese culture.

Colorful culture and brilliant exchanges are the same important goals as the wonderful competition, and the light of civilization in this land is being seen more clearly by the world through the Hangzhou Asian Games.

From the protection, inheritance and promotion of the 10,000-year-old Shangshan culture, the 8,000-year-old cross-lake bridge culture, the 7,000-year-old Hemudu culture, the 5,000-year-old Liangzhu culture, the 2,000-year-old canal culture and the Song Yun culture, to the drawing of the picture of common prosperity civilization, the exploration of green ecological civilization of "green water and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains", the construction of modern digital civilization leading the future, and the road of building a modern civilization of the Chinese nation, Zhejiang is actively exploring.

From the completion and use of a number of cultural projects with unique recognition in Zhejiang, such as Hangzhou National Version Hall and Zhijiang Cultural Center, to the construction of 15,8288 "2-minute quality cultural life circles" and more than 5915,5145 rural cultural auditoriums, to the province's <>,<> cultural enterprises and the added value of cultural industries reaching <>.<> billion yuan, Zhejiang is moving forward firmly on the road to building a culturally strong province. (End)