Hangzhou, 10 Oct (ZXS) -- As of 1 p.m. on 10 October, the Chinese delegation had won 1 gold medals at the Hangzhou Asian Games, and was far ahead in the gold medal list halfway through the gold medal competition at this Asian Games.

The Hangzhou Asian Games is the third Asian Games to be held in China. In the previous two Asian Games held in China, the Chinese delegation achieved major breakthroughs - at the 1990 Beijing Asian Games, the Chinese delegation won 183 gold medals, the first time that the number of gold medals in a single Asian Games exceeded 2010; At the 199 Asian Games in Guangzhou, China won <> gold medals, setting a record for the highest number of gold medals a Chinese delegation has ever won in a single Asian Games.

Now, at the Hangzhou Asian Games, where China is once again hosting, the Chinese delegation has performed extremely strongly in the first half. Whether the host can achieve another good result and break the 200 gold medal mark in a single Asian Games has become one of the suspense in the second half of this Asian Games.

The Hangzhou Asian Games set up a total of 481 sub-events. From the start of the gold medal battle on the 24th to October 10, 1 gold medals were produced in the first 8 days of the Asian Games. It closes from October 275 to 10 and will produce 2 gold medals on the next 8 days.

Due to the superiority of the Chinese team and the large number of gold medals in swimming, shooting, gymnastics, martial arts, rowing and other events have ended in the first half, in the second half of the sports with a large number of gold medals, except for canoeing, diving and weightlifting, the Chinese team does not have the advantage. Therefore, the pace of the Chinese delegation's gold medal win in the second half may slow down, but there are still many highlights every day.

The dominant event is still the pillar of the Chinese Legion's gold medal in the second half, and the Chinese diving "dream team" should be able to win the remaining 6 golds. Of the next 10 gold medals in weightlifting, the Chinese team hopes to win half. In the weightlifting competition of the Tokyo Olympics, the Chinese team participated in 8 people, swept 7 golds and 1 silver. But at this Asian Games, Chinese Lux was strongly challenged by the North Korean team.

Table tennis will produce 2 gold medals in men's singles and women's doubles, and after the women's doubles does not win a medal, the national table tennis will not let the men's singles gold medal fall. In the five individual competitions in badminton, the Chinese team is expected to win about 5 golds.

With 2 gold medals each in trampoline and synchronized swimming, the Chinese team is expected to relive the good dream of the previous session and achieve the all-inclusiveness. Marathon swimming, the Chinese women's team rushed for gold medals, and the men's team competed for medals.

At the last Asian Games, the Chinese team won 16 of the 10 gold medals in canoeing still water and slalom. This time fighting on the doorstep, the Chinese kayak team has said that it will achieve another great result.

Athletics, which has 48 gold medals, has produced 3 gold medals in the first three competition days, with 20 gold medals to be scored, and the Chinese team is expected to win about 28 gold medals.

Dragon boat is a traditional Chinese sport, and this Asian Games will produce six gold medals. Bridge (6 golds), Go, Xiangqi, Chess (3 golds each), and e-sports (2 gold) will produce a total of 1 gold medals, and the Chinese team is also expected to win about 10 gold medals in the above events.

Karate (14 golds), archery (10 golds), wrestling (18 golds), boxing (13 golds) and other individual events with more gold medals in the second half are the dominant events of Japan, South Korea, Iran, Uzbekistan and other countries, and a total of 55 gold medals will be produced, and the Chinese team may be able to "pull teeth" and take about 10 golds.

In the ball competition, the Chinese team is expected to win the championship in four events: men's and women's basketball, women's volleyball and women's softball. The Chinese women's football team, women's handball, which has reached the semifinals, and the Chinese women's hockey, which won the bronze medal last time, will strive for the gold medal.

The emerging Asian Games events of rock climbing (6 golds), roller skating (6 golds) and breakdancing (2 golds) will produce 14 gold medals, and the Chinese team has an advantage in breakdancing and roller skating, and will strive to achieve a breakthrough of zero gold medals in the Asian Games in rock climbing.

To sum up, in the second half of the Asian Games, the Chinese delegation may be able to win about 70 golds, and the total number of gold medals is expected to be close to or reach 200. (End)