• Rubiales Case The brother and a friend of Jenni Hermoso maintain in the National Court that the kiss was not consensual
  • Rubiales Case Three companions of Jenni Hermoso, cited as witnesses in the case of the Rubiales kiss

The judge of the National Court Francisco de Jorge, who investigates the former president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) Luis Rubiales for the crimes of sexual assault and coercion to the soccer player Jenni Hermoso has decided to cite as investigated the former coach Jorge Vilda and the director of the selection Albert Luque.

Legal sources have informed Efe of this decision of the magistrate, who has cited them for October 10, date on which he will also take a statement as investigated the director of Marketing of the RFEF, Rubén Rivera.

Luque was initially summoned as a witness for tomorrow, Thursday, but the judge has chosen to change his status to that of investigated.

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