On the stage of the Hangzhou Asian Games, there was a youthful face, and the seemingly immature face not only had the ambition of "newborn calves are not afraid of tigers", but also the style of a resolute and calm general. Let's meet a few young players, under the age of 20, who are already shining brightly.

15-year-old Chen Ye skateboarding men's bowl event won gold: the speed and the feeling of soaring attracted me

On September 9, in the men's bowl final of skateboarding at the Hangzhou Asian Games, 25-year-old Chinese teenager Chen Ye won gold.

When he was 8 years old, Chen Ye saw a skateboard on the shelf of the mall, and after trying it, he couldn't put it down, begging his father Chen Playqin to buy it for him. In Chen Playqin's view, this is just the beginning of his son's "half-way" again, and like the piano and table tennis that have been shelved, he did not agree to his son's request, but only promised to "come whenever you want to play". But Chen Ye's passion for skateboarding lasted for more than 1 month, and he seemed to have really found a hobby that he could stick to, "Skateboarding is very exciting, and the speed and feeling of soaring are very attractive to me." Chen Ye said after the game that without his father's support, he would not be able to "fly" on the Asian Games.

"My dad can't skateboard, but he taught me since I was a child, he would study skateboarding videos abroad and fumbled and guided me." Chen Ye's hometown was in Zhongshan, Guangdong, where the skateboarding atmosphere was not strong. So, father and son appeared on the streets of Hong Kong, Tokyo and other places to observe the movements of other skaters. After Chen Ye switched from street style to bowl pool (skateboarding competition is divided into two events, bowl pool and street style), Chen even spent half a year to build a bowl pool for his son to train. Father and son went further and further on this road, until Chen Ye was selected for the Guangdong team in 2019, won medals in the national championships and national games, and won the national training team selection championship in 2022, step by step to the highest podium of the Asian Games.

However, who said that sports should be "bitter and deep". Chen believes that his son's achievements are by no means "rolled", on the contrary, the most important thing is patience and relaxation.

"I used to teach him to play the piano, and he was quite talented in music, but he was too basic, and the requirements were strict, and he didn't like it after a few months. Later, when I learned skateboarding, when he practiced, I was more guilty, encouraged, and appreciated to create an atmosphere for him. Chen said.

He became a skateboarding instructor himself, and the training gym he built for his son attracted many skateboarders to train, and now has 20 students.

Women's 200m individual medley champion Yu Yiting: The venue on your doorstep is a treasure of feng shui

On the evening of September 9, young Chinese teenager Yu Yiting broke the women's 25m medley record with a time of 2:07.75 to win the championship, adding her first Asian Games gold medal to her outstanding resume.

As a native of Zhejiang, 18-year-old Yu Yiting appeared on the second competition day at the Asian Games on her doorstep, easily entering the final with the second place in the preliminary round.

Influenced by her father, who is a physical education teacher, in 2010, 5-year-old Yu Yiting walked into the swimming pool for the first time. After making a splash at the national junior championships at the age of 10, Yu Yiting was specially recruited into the Zhejiang provincial team under coach Wang Haibo, and two years later, she won nine gold medals in the 2017 National Children's Swimming Championships (young age group), breaking the national record in this age group seven times.

"That's when I felt like I fell in love with swimming and started chasing it as a dream to compete on a bigger stage." Chasing this dream, Yu Yiting, who has a world youth record, a bronze medal at the World Championships, a fifth place in the Olympic Games and several national championships, also stood on the stage of the Asian Games for the first time.

Some netizens shared such a story on social media, "Xiaoyu was the class leader in elementary school, she was a righteous and prestigious person, and when someone made a noise in class, she gave a look and was immediately quiet. ”

"There are many misses from competitions, but she is mostly self-taught, has strong comprehension, and rarely asks questions. Always white T short hair, lean and calm, with the style of a general. There was a lot of noise in the classroom between classes, and she was able to concentrate on writing a training diary. ”

From the small age group to the big age group, to the provincial games, and then to the national championship, Yu Yiting's growth is obvious to all. She admits that she is a little lucky, but more of a godly reward.

"Everyone has a bottleneck in training, maybe my bottleneck period is shorter, and I am more self-disciplined and focused than usual, so I can break through faster."

Huang Yuting, the first "triple crown champion" of this Asian Games: stabilize the gun and snap decisively

On September 9, the 26m air rifle mixed team Chinese shooting team Sheng Lihao/Huang Yuting of the Hangzhou Asian Games won the gold medal, which was also Huang Yuting's third gold medal, and Huang Yuting also became the first "triple crown champion" of this Asian Games.

In the eyes of enlightenment coach Lin Kehan, Huang Yuting has a "big heart". "This kid often goes beyond training in a dozen competitions and is a competitive player." And Huang Yuting used 6 words to summarize "stabilize the gun and decisively buckle" when talking about her psychological activities a few seconds before she shot.

Huang Yuting was born in Huangyan District, Taizhou, Zhejiang Province in 2006, and in the summer of 2016, the shooting rifle team of the district junior sports school went to the school to select materials, and Huang Yuting's enlightenment coach Lin Kehan recalled: "We chose Huang Yuting at that time, and felt that her coordination and stability were better. "At that time, the test of selecting the team members consisted of stacking cartridge cases, in which the students held the flat glass plate in their left hand and accumulated a certain number of small-caliber shells with a diameter of 5.6 mm in their right hand, which was excellent for accumulating eight or nine shells at a time. Lin Kehan said that Huang Yuting's performance in the test was "quite good."

Through a series of tests, Huang Yuting was successfully selected for the summer training team under coaches Lin Kehan and Liang Jun. At the beginning of training, Huang Yuting did not have a particularly outstanding performance, but after only three or four months, her progress was very fast, "especially when training, she was very focused, as long as she got the gun, it was as if the outside world had nothing to do with her." ”

Huang Yuting's talent in shooting quickly showed, in 2017, she was selected for the Huangyan Major Shooting Rifle Team, in 2020 she was transferred to the Zhejiang Provincial Shooting Team, after which she quickly rose to become the leader of the women's 10m air rifle event. At the 2022 World Shooting Championships, Huang Yuting, who just turned 16, won 2 golds and 1 silver, earning a ticket to the Paris Olympics for the Chinese team.

Single eyelids, white skin, thin figure, a ponytail, clean and neat. Zhejiang youngster Huang Yuting, born in 2006, is the youngest member of the Chinese shooting team at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

In the earlier competition, Huang Yuting hung a red panda and a cartoon towel on the butt of the gun, and pinned the hot badge on the lanyard of the Asian Games certificate next to it... This girl who hides cute and careful thoughts everywhere is a different look than Sai. This contrast poked many people, and many netizens said: "Hang the cutest panda, hit the most ruthless gun." In the post-match interview, Huang Yuting introduced that the panda was a gift she received, hoping to bring good luck.

Genius teenager Sheng Lihao: broke the world record and won the championship

At the Hangzhou Asian Games, 19-year-old Sheng Lihao won the gold medal with 253.3 rings, breaking the world record, Asian record and competition record, which is the first world record set by a Chinese athlete at this Asian Games. In the face of reporters' questions, he was so nervous twice that he scratched his head, shyly saying that "breaking the world record actually doesn't feel much."

For Sheng Lihao, it is not an exaggeration to describe him as a genius. When he was 13 years old, his father Li Xiangping took him to the shooting club to play, and he played well when he first came into contact with shooting. "At that time, we just wanted him to find a hobby, and when he went to the shooting club, he liked it and had fun." Li Xiangping said in an interview with reporters, "After a summer of training in the shooting club, the club owner told us that this child has talent. We didn't believe it too much at the time, after all, we didn't know anything about shooting before. Later, we chatted with Sheng Lihao again, and he said that he liked it. So, keep practicing. To be honest, we didn't expect him to go down this path. ”

At the Olympic Games, 17-year-old Sheng Lihao won the silver medal in the men's air rifle individual event, which was once again surprising. "In fact, this kid's psychological quality is particularly good, that is, the bigger the scene, the more stable he can even play at a higher level. I always remember the first time I took him to Lanzhou for foreign training and exchange competitions, and many coaches and athletes liked Sheng Lihao very much. Every time he plays, there are many people around the back, cheering and cheering, but these hardly affect him, but they will make him play better. Shen Chao said.

After entering the Paris Olympic cycle, in the words of head coach Yao Ye, "Sheng Lihao has grown taller and more mature." "Yao Ye has brought Sheng Lihao for many years, and the relationship between the two has long surpassed that of master and apprentice." He has a stubborn personality, especially during training, but he is usually very gentle. Yao Ye said. Entering the Paris Olympic cycle, especially the World Championships in recent years, Sheng Lihao's results have been stable, and he is also regarded as a key athlete in the Paris Olympics. "Now it seems that Sheng Lihao is indeed that kind of talented athlete. Many things hardly happen to other athletes, but Sheng Lihao achieved it. Shen Chao sighed.

Diving Olympic champion Quan Hongchan: First Asian Games trip Face challenges with a relaxed mind

The gold medalist China Diving Dream Team arrived in Hangzhou today (September 9). One of the most watched athletes, 26-year-old diving Olympic champion Quan Hongchan, will welcome her first trip to the Asian Games. The diving competition of the 16th Asian Games will be held from September 19 to October 9 at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center Swimming and Diving Hall. In an interview with the media, Olympic champion Quan Hongchan, who participated in the women's 30-meter platform for the first time at the Asian Games, said that she will face the challenge with a relaxed attitude.

In 2021, at the Tokyo Olympics, 14-year-old Quan Hongchan won the gold medal in the women's 10m single diving. She won her first Olympic gold medal and broke the world record. After winning the championship, the media interviewed her to win this gold medal and get these bonuses, what do she want to do the most?

Quan Hongchan said: My mother's health is very bad, and the reason why I came to participate in such a competition is to make money to treat my mother's illness.

Quan Hongchan comes from a typical rural family in Zhanjiang, Guangdong, with up to 5 siblings. The family lives in a small courtyard with only three bungalows, relying on a few acres of orchards to make a basic living. In 2017, my mother suffered sequelae of epilepsy because she was in a car accident while she went out to work, and she needed long-term medication to control her condition. Therefore, the burden of the family fell on the father. After Quan Hongchan learned this, she secretly worked hard and said that she must make some achievements in the Chinese diving industry.

According to Quan Hongchan's parents, when Quan Hongchan was 7 years old, sports school coach Chen Huaming came to her school to select people, and at a glance she fell in love with this weak but agile and flexible little girl. Chen Huaming saw Quan Hongchan's potential to become a new star and immediately let her join the sports school and start her career.

At first, Quan Hongchan, like other children, would also be homesick and afraid of hard training. Whenever she called her family to cry, her father always said "I want to win glory for the country" to help her in the right direction. Gradually, Quan Hongchan adapted to the rigorous training and developed a love for diving. Quan Hongchan knew that it was up to her to change her family's life. Every morning, she took her mother's weak hand to see a doctor, then went to school alone, and went straight to the training base after school. She always reminds herself that she must succeed on the platform and create a better life for her family.

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