Khamazat Chimaev has competed for Sweden for the last time. In his next match, on October 21, he will represent the United Arab Emirates.

"He's emigrated, he's not Swedish anymore," Majdi Shammas told SVT Sport last week.

Now, Chimaev himself has gone out in a TikTok video and explained why he moved from Sweden to Dubai.

"Everyone has made the worst political thing out of this. It's better for my career, better training," he says and continues:

"I will always respect my city Stockholm, home. Love it, and I'll always come back there. I do things for my career, for my family. It's more important than anything else in the world to me. Everyone who cheers me on from Sweden, I respect you. I also represent you.

Chimaev grew up in Chechnya, but emigrated to Sweden at the age of 18. The MMA star has for years received harsh criticism for his relationship with Chechnya's controversial President Ramzan Kadyrov, who in turn has strong links to Vladimir Putin's. Kadyrov has also been accused of serious human rights violations such as murder and torture of opponents.

Khamzat Chimaev booed after victory: "Don't care" (Sept 11, 2022):

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Photo: TT