It has been decided that the manager of professional baseball, Japan-Ham, Takeshi Shinjo, will take charge next season. Coach Shinjo expressed his enthusiasm at the press conference, saying, "If we can achieve results like this next year, we will be prepared to take off our uniforms and play while improving our players."

Japan Ham held a press conference at ESCON FIELD HOKKAIDO on the 27th, attended by coach Shinjo and team owner Nobuhisa Igawa, and announced that coach Shinjo will continue to take charge next season.

Japan Ham has opened a new stadium this season, and coach Shinjo declared before the start of the season that he would "aim to be the best in the Japan," but the team has slumped to the bottom of the table with a loss of "137" after 20 games so far, and has been in fourth place or lower for the fifth consecutive year.

Regarding the reason for requesting Coach Shinjo to coach in his third year amid the continued slump, Igawa explained, "He brought out the potential and motivation of each player and encouraged their growth.

The contract is for one year until the end of next season.

Coach Shinjo said, "In this world, results are everything, so if we get a result like this next year, we will be prepared to take off our uniform and fight while improving our players," and vowed to achieve results in his third year in office.

He then expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "Of course, my mission is to help the team win the championship, but also to build the foundation for the team to continue to win and to convey the joy of baseball to the fans, so I want to show that 'Takeshi Shinjo will not end like this' and that he is a person who creates miracles."