Hear Janogy talk more about the tough childhood in the player above.

After a successful year with Piteå and a gold medal in the women's allsvenskan, Madelen Janogy left Sweden and began a foreign adventure in the big club Wolfsburg. But her time at the German giant did not turn out what she had hoped for.

Professional life in Germany was short-lived

Already after six months in Germany, Janogy chose to break the contract in the summer of 2020 and take a break from football. The decision was made due to mental illness and now the Swedish national team star talks about the reason behind the feeling for the first time.

"There has been a lot of chaos. I felt an incredible shame to have an upbringing you didn't dare to talk about, says Janogy in Kristian Luuk's program Min Sanning.

'Unsafe environment'

Janogy's parents divorced early and the mother was someone she and her twin sister visited on weekends and holidays. That's where the chaos and insecurity were.

"It was an unsafe environment where you knew that if you did something wrong, there could be consequences," Janogy says, then adds:

"But at the same time, they wanted to go there.

Today, she is proud of her upbringing and believes that it has shaped her into who she is today.

"No matter where you come from, you shouldn't feel shame.

Want to test again

Her time at Wolfsburg did not turn out as planned and there were times when Janogy doubted whether she would return to football. Today she is one of Hammarby's key players in the gold hunt and is getting ready to move abroad again.

"I'd love to try again," she says, and also admits that a comeback in Wolfsburg is not unthinkable.