Beijing, September 9 (Zhongxin Net) -- On 27 September, the 27th Asian Games in Hangzhou continued. In the skateboarding women's street final, after two rounds of "line" and five rounds of "big trick" competition, 19-year-old Chinese teenager Cui Chenxi performed amazingly, winning the gold medal with a total score of 13.242 points. Another Chinese athlete, Zeng Wenhui, won the silver medal.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tian Bochuan

Born on December 2009, 12 in Shandong, Cui Chenxi is the youngest athlete in the Chinese delegation to the Asian Games. After she won the gold, she also became the youngest gold medalist in the history of the Asian Games in China.

"Before the final, [I] really wanted to win the championship, I just felt that I would definitely get it, and I felt very confident. It was the most confident I had in all my games. After winning the gold medal, Cui Chenxi said. She said that this may be because the Asian Games were held in China, and there were many Chinese spectators on site, making her feel very "at home", so she skated particularly relaxed.

Looking back on this final, the little girl described it as "having fun". After winning the championship, Cui Chenxi also thought of her own way to celebrate, that is, go home and play for a few days. At the competition site, when talking about the person she wanted to thank the most, Cui Chenxi also mentioned her father who led her on the road of skateboarding. Facing the media camera, she said what she wanted to say to her dad the most - "Dad, I love you".

Screenshot of the official website of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

According to reports, Cui Chenxi began to contact roller skating and other sports at the age of 3, and officially became involved with skateboarding at the age of 10. She once used "love at first sight" to describe what it was like when she first touched skateboarding. "At first, I didn't think about taking the professional route, but after standing on the skateboard, I had a familiar feeling. The later practice movements were also very fast, and then all the way to the present. Cui Chenxi said.

In Cui Chenxi's view, the most important thing for skateboarding is to enjoy the process, and at the same time the mentality cannot be impetuous: "If this movement cannot be practiced, change individual movements first, and then practice again in a few days, it may be." ”

Photo by China News Agency reporter Tian Bochuan

After more than 3 years of practice, Cui Chenxi successfully entered the national team. Along the way, Cui Chenxi also showed perseverance beyond her age. When encountering injuries, she never complained of fatigue, but silently gritted her teeth and survived. Sometimes training also makes her feel hard, but the sense of accomplishment that comes from winning has kept her going until now.

As the youngest player in the Chinese delegation, Cui Chenxi became the "team favorite" of the Chinese team. She said that her brothers and sisters would let her go first when they got into the car, and they wanted to share her with a beautiful badge. In the team, Cui Chenxi also often communicates with Zeng Wenhui, who is a few years older than her: "Sister Huihui has more experience in competitions, and I still have to learn from her." ”

After winning the Asian Games gold medal, Cui Chenxi's career also reached a new height. As for her future goals, she said: "I still want to stand on the Olympic stage. (End)