To a direct question, Olga Carmona, who decided the World Cup final against England by scoring the only goal, replied that she supports Tome in her post.

"Yes, we are happy. We responded in a fantastic way, we managed to get our plan right and did what we had agreed. Now we have to keep moving forward and winning games," Carmona told TVE.

World champion Spain has experienced a rare turbulent time after its first World Cup gold on the women's side with boycotts and resignation demands.

Was an assistant to Vilda for five years

After several players said that they had been forced to attend the gathering before the Sweden game, it was rumored that Tome, who was assistant to the sacked coach Jorge Vilda for five years, did not have the players' trust and was one of the people who would have to leave his post.

During the meeting with Sweden, the Spanish Federation announced that the Secretary-General and the Director of Privacy had been removed from their posts. Reports suggest that between six and nine more people will now be allowed to leave the union. But Tome has not received any such signals.

"I feel confident in my work and I feel like I've always had the confidence of the players as well. That's what they've shown me throughout the process," Tome said.