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Ukraine international Mykhaylo Mudryk during a charity match

Photo: Henry Browne / Getty Images

Ukrainian teams will boycott competitions of the European Football Union (Uefa) in case of Russian participation. This was announced by the national association (UAF) on Wednesday in response to a UEFA decision to lift a ban on junior teams from Russia.

"The UAF confirms that it will not participate in any competition with Russian teams," it said in a statement that "strongly condemned" the latest UEFA decision. At the same time, the association called on other UEFA members to join its boycott.

Ukrainian sport has repeatedly called for a complete exclusion of Russian athletes. He also threatens to boycott the Games in the event of Russian athletes participating in the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

Uefa decided on Tuesday to allow Russian youth teams again despite the country's war of aggression in Ukraine. The umbrella organization spoke of a "message of peace" and emphasized that children "should not be punished for actions for which adults are solely responsible."

The suspension of club and national teams in the adult sector remains unaffected by the new decision. The junior teams that have been readmitted are not allowed to play their international matches on Russian territory. National flags, anthem and national jerseys are also banned. In addition, the U17 teams of boys and girls are to be retrospectively integrated into competitions that have already been drawn.