The 15-race series starts in Xiamen on April 20 and continues in Shanghai on April 27.

Last season there were also 15 races, but the one in Shanghai was cancelled after covid restrictions. Two major championships, the European Championships in Rome in early June and the Paris Olympics in early August, mean that there will be months-long breaks in the calendar, where national championships are also included.

"The fact that the European Championships and the Olympics are so early and the hunt for ranking points drives forward early competitions. It will be very tough for northern European athletes to be in competitive condition as early as April, says SVT Sports commentator Jacob Hård.

Oslo gets first competition in Europe

Oslo on May 30 and Stockholm on June 2 begin the tour in Europe.

May 26 is the last qualifying day for the European Championships in Rome, which begins on June 7. June 30 is the last qualifying day for the Olympics, where athletics begins on August 1.

The arrangement of one city taking care of both final competitions continues and this time it is Brussels that has the event 13-14 September.

Here Femke Bol falls three meters from the finish line (August 19):

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Photo: TV4