In Toulouse, the base camp of the Japan national team at the Rugby World Cup in France, the newly called up work of YAMANAKA Ryohei has been added to the city's gallery where portraits of the players are displayed, adding to the cheering mood.

Stéphane Castella, a painter from Toulouse Japan is a pro-Japan person with a strong interest in culture and supports the Japan national rugby team that moves the ball with rapid development.

On the second floor of a restaurant in a corner of the center, a portrait of the national team member drawn by Mr. Castella was displayed, and on this day, a portrait of the newly called up player Yamanaka was added.

The left half of the portrait is painted with the Japanese flag motif, and the right half is painted in normal tones, capturing Yamanaka's golden hair and beard.

Castella has been checking the squad on the official social media of the Japan Rugby Union on a daily basis, so he started production after Yamanaka was called up as a substitute for an injured player after the match against England and made it in time for the match against Samoa.

Ms. Kanamori Arisa, a Japan fan who visited from England, said, "I thought it was wonderful to capture the characteristics of the players, and I think the match against Samoa will be a big one, so I will do my best to support them."

Castella cheered on Japan to advance through the first round, saying, "We lost the test match in July, but I want Japan to win the next match.