The Japan National Team, who are competing in the first round of the Rugby World Cup in France, have announced their 1-man squad for their third match against Samoa.

Starting line-up includes captain Himeno and Lemeki Romano Lava.

The starting line-up included captain HIMENO Kazuki and REMEKI Romano RAVA, who played well against England.

The first round of the World Cup in France is being held.

World No. 1 Japan have a 13-1 record so far, and will face Samoa, who are also 1-29, in their third match on 3 Japan hours.

The players worked up a sweat in a practice session at Toulouse, the base camp on 1 September, after which the 1-man squad for the match against Samoa was announced.

Of those 26 starters, two were replaced from the second leg against England,
with Dylan Riley at centre and
Lemeki Romano Lava at fullback.

▽ Captain Kazuki Himeno and
▽ Veteran Michael Leach were named in the starting line-up,
and the scrum-half who will be the starting point of the attack is ▽
Vice captain Ryudai
, ▽ Rikiya Matsuda entered the standoff for the third consecutive game.

In addition, stand-off Lee Seung-shin joined the reserve squad for the first time in this tournament.

YAMANAKA Ryohei, who was newly called up in place of the injured player, was not included in the squad this time.

World No. 23 Samoa are known for their physical and strong play, and Japan lost a test match in Sapporo in July by two goals, 15-2.

Pool D of the first round with Japan is a mixed match, and the win or loss against Samoa will greatly affect the advance to the first round, so it will be a match that Japan cannot lose.

◆Japan National Team Starting Lineup◆

He is a starter for the Japan National Team for the third match of the first round of the Rugby World Cup in France.


Keita Inagaki (33) and Gen Guchi (29) are props, Shota Horie (37) is hooker,


Jack Cornelsen (28) and
Amato Fakatava (28) are locks.

The flankers are Michael Leach (34) and
Peter Labuskafni (34), while

the number eight is Kazuki Himeno (29).


▽ The scrum-half is Ryudai (31) and

▽ The stand-off is Rikiya Matsuda (29).

▽ Ryoto Nakamura (32) and Dylan Riley (26) are the centres, ▽ Jone Naikabra (29) and Kotaro Matsushima (30) are the wingers,


▽ Lemeki Romano Lava (34) is the fullback.

◆Reserve members (8 people)

There are 8 reserve members.

Atsushi Sakate (30), Craig Miller (32), Ai Val Asaeri (34), Warner Dianes (21), Koji Shimokawa (24), Naoto Saito (26), Seungshin Lee (22) and Tomoki Osada (23) joined the squad.