The lifts had closed for the day in the Swiss ski resort of Lauchernalp when Louise C Andersson, usually a presenter on SVT's Lilla Sportspegeln, was going to make the last run down to the cabin. Suddenly, misfortune struck. In the landing after a jump, she crashed and tore the cruciate ligament in her right knee.

"I tried to stand up, but then my knee wobbled and I got it even then. Instability laterally is no good, she tells us in the series "Fucking cruciate ligament".

In the series, viewers get to follow what happened after the accident - everything from surgery and rehab training to eventually being able to strain the knee more and more.

Has been filming myself for over a year

Much of the series is filmed by Louise herself, with the phone, in everyday life for just over a year.

"I was overwhelmed by the thought of a whole year without playing sports. That many are affected and that a large part of them return to the sport, I knew that. But how they do it, I had no idea. "Fucking cruciate ligament" became my way of finding out, for myself and for others in the same boat.

What has surprised you along the way back?

– How incredibly difficult such a "ordinary" injury can be – incredibly long! Why hasn't anyone told me? It's so easy to think that something is affordable and manageable when it's described as just "ordinary." Not everyone is Walter Wallberg, who won Olympic gold in moguls after his cruciate ligament injury.

What do you want the series to accomplish?

"I hope that my small victories can give a sense of hope and 'can she, can I'. I hope it doesn't evoke thoughts like "is the sport really worth it?" because that's a resounding YES from me.

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Cut from "Fucking Cruciate Ligament"

  • The crash on the slopes: "Ends up at completely the wrong angle"

    57 sec

  • Heavy news: "All plans are put on hold"

    22 sec

  • After surgery: "Shit – it hurts SO much"

    46 sec

  • "Have booked a psychologist interview"

    57 sec

  • First running steps: "Little Michael Johnson..."

    37 sec

  • "Have found a new sport – and a new friend"

    29 sec