There was a Swedish loss in the Nations League opener against Spain at the weekend. Since the tournament also serves as an Olympic qualifier, Sweden was therefore more or less whipped to win tonight's match against Italy. Something they did, even if it was sitting deep inside.

Swedish dream start

Johanna Rytting Kaneryd became the game's only scorer after just over a quarter of an hour. Lina Hurtig pushed the ball up centrally and managed, via an Italian leg, to get the ball to Rytting Kaneryd. The 26-year-old made no mistake and pushed in the lead goal behind Laura Giuliani. The goal was her third in the national team.

Post hit from equalizer

In the second half, Italy took over the game somewhat and they also carved out several good positions towards Jennifer Falk's goal. The closest to an equaliser came with just over 20 minutes left when defender Lucia Di Guglielmo hit the post.

But there was no equaliser and Rytting Kaneryd's goal was the only goal of the match. Thus, Sweden's dream of the 2024 Olympics in Paris lives on for a while longer.

The next game for Sweden in the Nations League is against Switzerland at the end of October.

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