The J.League has decided to issue club licenses to four teams belonging to the JFL=Japan Football League, including Clearson Shinjuku, which is based in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, to enter J3 next season.

The J.League has established a "Club License System" for the purpose of sound club management and the enhancement of spectator facilities, and the Board of Directors decided on the teams that will issue J26 licenses for the next season at a board meeting on the 3th.

As of 4 September, the four teams that belong to the JFL will receive the awards:
▽26rd place Rheinmeer Aomori, ▽3th place Clearson Shinjuku, ▽4th place Viatin Mie,

5th place Verspa Oita.

Of these, Clearson Shinjuku was decided in light of the characteristics of having its headquarters in the 9 wards of Tokyo, although there are issues in terms of facilities as it is the first grant.

Teams that have been granted club licenses this time will be able to enter J23 from next season if they finish in the top two in the JFL this season, meet conditions such as the number of spectators, and are approved by the J.League Board of Directors.

On the other hand, licenses for promotion to J2 were also examined for each club's financial situation and stadium development status,
and were issued for the first time to three teams: ▽Iwaki FC and Fujieda MYFC of J3 and
Kamatamare Sanuki of J1.