Beijing, September 9 (Zhongxin Net) -- A few days ago, a video of Iranian referee Hangzhou sweeping goods and haggling in half rushed to the hot search list. The referee engaged in a haggling limit pull with the shop in the Qianjiang small commodity market. Although the language is not clear, relying on the calculator and eye contact, after several bargains, the original price of 27 yuan of goods was finally sold for 68 yuan.

In the video, the store looks like he wants to sell but doesn't want to sell so cheaply, and the buyer looks like he wants to buy but if you don't sell me, I will find the next home, and the latter even uses the "don't sell and lift your legs and leave" haggling tactic. I have to say that this bargaining power is really more authentic than the locals. No wonder some netizens sighed: "He learned all the tricks of my mother." ”

Following the "bargaining brother" out of the circle, foreign friends who followed the customs in the countryside have appeared in the public eye one after another.

In the Asian Games Village, the Chinese Medicine Culture Experience Center set up in the main media center and the Chinese Medicine Tuina Department of the Comprehensive Outpatient Department of the Athletes' Village are welcomed by foreign friends, and there is an endless stream of athletes and technical officials who come to visit and experience.

According to reports, a sports journalist from Bangladesh immediately eased neck discomfort after trying TCM Tuina for the first time. An Afghan volleyball player also experienced cupping after finishing the game. Although he left a row of "seals" on his back, it also cured his back pain. The doctor accompanying the team in Saudi Arabia is also a "Chinese medicine fan", and he is interested in acupuncture and moxibustion, and he also took this opportunity to humbly consult the Chinese medicine doctor in the Asian Games Village, and really achieved both business trips and further training.

In the Ningbo Asian Games sub-village, several foreign technical officials also experienced a travel photo made of Hanfu makeup. Dressed in Han-style regular clothes, or armed with a long sword, or holding a tuanfan, they walked through the ancient streets of the colorful fishing town, as if they had traveled back to ancient China in a second.

A technical official from Thailand also said that he liked Chinese culture a long time ago, and said that he casually turned out the fairy novel "Three Lives and Three Lives and Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms" that he was reading from his bag. Sure enough, the national is the world, and it seems that online literature is also an important force for cultural dissemination.

Data map: During the Chengdu Universiade, athletes experience cupping. Photo by Zhang Lang, reporter of China News Agency

Out of the Asian Games Village, some foreign friends found a more down-to-earth way to relax. The owner of a pedicure shop in Hangzhou recently received four or five foreign friends for pedicure massage. Judging by the way they dressed, they may also be from the Middle East. One point is a one-stop service including foot soaking, pedicure, massage, salt rubbing and foot bottom cupping, washing dust and dirt on their feet across thousands of miles.

Take a look at these friends who have done a strategy before they come. As a traditional Chinese skill, pedicure has a history of thousands of years, and is as famous as acupuncture and massage in traditional Chinese medicine, which can treat foot diseases, health care, and see the exquisite skills of carving on the meat of the master.

During the 70-minute service, foreign friends enjoyed it very much, although the language barrier was not comprehensible, but the comfortable and relaxed expression was obvious to all, and when leaving, it was light under the feet, and the soles of the feet were fresh, enough to go around and play in the huge Hangzhou city.

In addition to the tourists from the Middle East, Koreans with water clothes are even more familiar and rush directly to a health center in Hangzhou. It is reported that two Koreans took the initiative to come to the door at ten o'clock at night, not only ordered a full-body massage to relieve the fatigue of the day, but also brought an accompanying interpreter to achieve barrier-free communication.

Haggling, cupping, pedicure, massage..., "crooked nuts" in their own way to feel China's customs and culture, integrate into China's life circle, feel China's unique charm, this is the best interpretation of Hangzhou Asian Games "know each other far and near, thousands of miles are still neighbors", but also the best way to see the microscopic knowledge, show the face of China to Asia and even the world. (End)