At a press conference held in Nagasaki City, Baba Yudai, a member of the Japan National Team, will join Nagasaki Verca, who were promoted to B1 in the men's basketball B League for the first time, and Baba expressed his enthusiasm at the press conference held in Nagasaki City, saying, "I chose this team because I thought it was the team that could grow the most for the Paris Olympics, and I want to aim to win the team championship."

Nagasaki Verca, who were promoted to the B1 League, announced on the 26th that Japan national team member BABA Yudai would join the team, and Baba appeared at a press conference at a hotel in Nagasaki City.

Baba explained why he decided to join, saying, "I was happy to qualify for the Paris Olympics, but I am personally not convinced.

Regarding his team's goals, he expressed his enthusiasm, saying, "Now that we are back in the B.League, we want to aim for the team's victory.

President Takuma Ito, who coached Baba during his time in the lower leagues of the NBA, said, "After the World Cup was over, I secretly asked him to come to Nagasaki and talk about the wonders of the city of Nagasaki and the team's vision. I was talking.

Nagasaki Verka will face the Chiba Jets, who are captain of the Japan National Team, Yuki Togashi, on the opening card of the opening card in Nagasaki City on 8 and 9 next month.

Dynamic play

Yudai Baba is a 27-year-old from Toyama Prefecture.

He has a dynamic play that makes use of his speed and high physical ability.

In 2017, while a student at the University of Tsukuba, he joined B.League club Alvark Tokyo, won the Rookie of the Year title in his first year, and was named MVP in his second year as a contributor to the team's second consecutive league title.

In 1, he moved to the United States with the aim of playing NBA = American professional basketball and joined a team in the lower leagues of the NBA.

After that, he played in the Australian professional league.

He is also one of the key players of the Japan National Team, and in addition to starting all three matches at the Tokyo Olympics two years ago, he also played an active role in the World Cup held in Okinawa from last month to this month, contributing greatly to the qualification for the Paris Olympics.