First public appearance of Carlo Ancelotti after the defeat of Real Madrid in the derby against Atlético and elegant appearance of the Italian, who has managed to dodge all the shadows that swirled around him and has dispatched doubts with pedagogy and spirit. "Hopefully one day Raul, Arbeloa and Xabi Alonso coach Madrid," he said, questioned about his possible replacements. He admitted that "this is not the time" to talk about his future and acknowledged that the diamond system "is not perfect." "No system is."

"Criticism is normal when things don't go well. I don't care about them, it's part of being a coach of Madrid. My assessment is different from everyone else's, I know what we have to do. Each system has its weakness, the rhombus is not perfect, but no system is, "he explained, insisting on the virtues of the new scheme: "It allows us to press higher and recover, but sometimes they dislocate you because the interiors do not have the time to fold and that's what we work on. The lack is quite evident."

Ancelotti, "happy" for the returns of Vinicius, Carvajal and Arda Güler, went over the doubts stressing that "everyone can say what they want and I can not enter into that". "Balance is the most important thing and I am able to evaluate well. It doesn't bother me at all. And to say that I dare not leave Modric and Kroos on the bench is not true. They haven't played much and when they came in they contributed. If I have to answer all the criticisms I would have to spend a lot of time here and it is not necessary."

On the systems, the Italian said that a problem of the new coaches "is that they give too much information and that I think takes away a little creativity." "Without the ball it is concentration, sacrifice and with the ball creativity depends more. I'm not going to tell a player what to do in attack, I don't want to take away everyone's creativity."

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