Ningbo, September 9 (Reporter Lin Bo) "I hope that through 'Xiaoqinghe', we will present a positive, optimistic and upward spiritual outlook and show the world the friendship and love of the Asian Games family." From the torchbearer of the Hangzhou Asian Games to the volunteer "Xiaoqinghe", Cui Yiwen, a "knife blocking girl" and a police officer of the Gaoxin Branch of the Ningbo Public Security Bureau in Zhejiang Province, said in an interview recently.

In 2019, in the face of knife-wielding gangsters, Cui Yiwen helped a classmate block 8 knives. "I'm a soldier's kid," she said. If I hadn't rushed up, she might not have survived. ”

Cui's father was a soldier. In her heart, her father is a man who stands tall and her pride, "He taught me to help others and see righteousness and courage since I was a child, which is also my original intention to become a police officer." ”

In 2022, after graduation, Cui Yiwen applied to become a people's policeman.

"Becoming a police officer was a dream I had when I was a student." Cui Yiwen said that she will use her professional knowledge and law enforcement capabilities to continue to protect the tranquility of society and the safety of the people.

On September 9, Cui Yiwen became the third torchbearer in the Ningbo station of the Hangzhou Asian Games Torch Relay. She said: "I hope to pass on peace, justice and courage to more people. ”

On September 9, Cui translated the torch in Ningbo. Photo courtesy of Ningbo Public Security

In Cui's view, the Asian Games is not only a stage for sports competition, but also a grand event to spread friendship and show the power of unity.

The end of the torch relay is not the end of Cui's Asian Games journey, but the beginning of her colorful Asian Games.

Previously, Cui Yiwen signed up for the recruitment of volunteers for the Asian Games, and was successfully selected as a volunteer "Xiaoqinghe" to serve as a logistics security guard at the Ningbo Xiangshan Yafan Center.

After the torch relay, she rushed to Xiangshan to participate in volunteer training.

"There was a lot of knowledge in the training that I had not touched before, especially some of the professional content about the sailing event, such as the rules of the race, the meaning of the different signal flags raised and lowered on the shore, etc." Cui Yiwen said that the content of the training is very diverse, which also makes her gain a lot.

In Xiangshan, 6:45 every day is the wake-up time for Cui's translation. After a brief wash, she got on the bus to the venue and arrived at Ningbo Xiangshan Yafan Center before 8 o'clock to start the pre-competition preparations.

Cui Yiwen debugged equipment at Ningbo Xiangshan Yafan Center. Photo by China News Network reporter Lin Bo

In the technical representative conference hall of the sailing event of the Hangzhou Asian Games, Cui Yiwen, who put down his school bag, began to carry equipment and check the microphone, seats and other facilities and equipment.

"A meeting of technical officials will be held soon to report the weather, wind speed, race schedule, etc., and we must do a good job of ensuring the meeting." Cui translated.

After the meeting, Cui will also become a "delivery boy" and deliver lunch with other "little green lotus".

"The lunch is a box lunch, we need to collect it centrally and then deliver it." Cui Yiwen pulled up the trolley and went to the catering office to pick up the meal. After all the meals were served, the "Little Green Lotus" began their lunch time.

After lunch, Cui Yiwen will be "on standby" in the studio, "In addition to some necessary work, sometimes we will also assist other departments with insufficient staff." ”

"After the daily regatta, we can 'get off work'." Generally, around 17 o'clock every day is the "finishing time" of Cui's translation, and it is also her "viewing time" for the Asian Games.

"When I go back to the dormitory, I will resume the wonderful games of the day." Cui Yiwen said with a smile that she pays more attention to table tennis, swimming and other sports, "and also discusses competitions with roommates in the evening." ”

Volunteers are a mirror that reflects the standard of hosting in the place where the event is held.

The Hangzhou Asian Games will be held at the doorstep, and Cui, as the "Z generation", also hopes to convey the unique humanistic warmth of the host, show the world the style of China's contemporary youth with meticulous, standardized and professional services, and feel the civilized background of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

"We share a home, heart to heart, love and appreciation, even though the world is inseparable, billions of proud voices converge into one sentence, you and I live in Asia Minor..." As sung in the theme song of the Hangzhou Asian Games "Together with Love", the translation of "Little Qinghe" Cui will continue to serve this family and fill the home with love. (End)