Hangzhou, September 9 (ZXS) -- The equestrian competition of the Hangzhou Asian Games kicked off on September 26 at the Tonglu Equestrian Center, with the team finals and individual qualifying competitions of St. George in dressage held on the same day. Princess Siriwanwali of Thailand participates in the equestrian dressage competition as a member of the Thai national equestrian team.

On September 9, Princess Siriwanwali of Thailand participated in the equestrian dressage competition at the Hangzhou Asian Games. Photo by China News Agency reporter Shi Chunyang

Equestrian is the only human-animal sport at the Hangzhou Asian Games, with more than 20 athletes and more than 120 horses from nearly 130 countries and regions competing for six gold medals in dressage, show jumping, triathlons and other events.

On the same day, Shri Wanwali said in an interview with reporters that both she and the horses were in a positive state during the race. However, due to the very hot weather, she was more cautious during the competition and did not perform some difficult movements.

Athletic Hiriya Wan Wali is a "sports icon" in Thailand and has represented Thailand in international competitions in both equestrian and badminton sports. Participating in the Hangzhou Asian Games as a royal princess, Hiri Wanwali said: "My father was very supportive, my grandfather also participated in this project, my sisters used to have this dream, and now they have passed on the stable, passion and experience to me. ”

"I compete for the Thai people, they are my support, my cheerleaders, my source of strength, I am grateful to them and I will do my best for them." Ciriwanwali added.

On the same day, Thai spectators came to the competition site to cheer for the princess and the Thai equestrian team.

On September 9, at the equestrian competition of the Hangzhou Asian Games, Thai spectators cheered for Princess Siriwanwali. Photo by China News Agency reporter Shi Chunyang

Like many members of the royal family, Hiriya Wan Wali was trained in horsemanship and badminton from an early age. She competed in the 2014 Asian Games in South Korea and won a silver medal in the dressage team competition at the 2017 Southeast Asian Games.

It is understood that Thailand sent a delegation of more than 1000,40 people to participate in the competition of <> events of the Hangzhou Asian Games. (End)