Hangzhou, September 9 (ZXS) -- The fencing event of the Hangzhou Asian Games ushered in the third competition day on the 26th, and two gold medals were decided on the same day, the women's individual sabre and the men's individual epee. In the women's individual sabre, China's Shao Yaqi lost 26:10 to South Korea's Yoon Ji-so to win the silver medal. The Japanese athlete won the men's individual epee championship and runner-up.

The women's individual sabre final of the evening was held first. At the beginning, Shao Yaqi took a 2-1 lead, but Yin Jixiu then changed tactics and chased 7 points in a row, and at the end of the first game, Shao Yaqi trailed 2:8. At the beginning of the second game, there were continuous cheers and shouts on the spot, and Shao Yaqi chased 2 points in a row, but it seemed that he did not seize the initiative and finally lost. After the game, Shao Yaqi took off her helmet, raised her head and covered her face and shook her head.

Reviewing the match, Shao Yaqi said: "At the beginning, my opponent was not very well prepared, so I was ahead, but then her speed increased and I became very passive. After half-time, I also communicated with the coach, who meant to let me be faster than her, and there was still a chance to catch the initiative to attack, but I still didn't do well enough and lost more points. ”

The Hangzhou Asian Games is Shao Yaqi's second Asian Games trip. At the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta, Shao Yaqi lost to teammate Qian Jiarui and also won silver. At the previous Chengdu Universiade, Shao Yaqi won the gold medal in the individual competition. Winning silver in the Asian Games twice, Shao Yaqi said frankly, "I am a little disappointed in myself, not that I can't beat it, it's that I have handled it without anyone in place." ”

At the Jakarta Asian Games five years ago, as the youngest member of the Chinese women's sabre team, Shao Yaqi won the silver medal in the individual competition and also won the second place in the team competition. Now, as the "leader" of the team, Shao Yaqi said before the game that he hoped to serve as an example for his "post-5s" teammates.

Looking forward to the team competition later, Shao Yaqi said: "I will sum up the experience of this game, because the team competition will definitely meet them, and strive for the mistakes so that the teammates do not make mistakes again." No matter where I am in my position, I have to do what I should do, try to get as many points as possible, and fight for 'revenge' in the team competition. ”

In the quarterfinals of the women's individual sabre, another Chinese player, Yang Hengyu, lost 12-15 to Zainab Daybekova of Uzbekistan to reach the quarterfinals. At the 2023 Asian Fencing Championships, Yang Hengyu won a bronze medal in this event.

In the men's individual epee event, China's Yu Lefan lost 12:15 to Kazakhstan's Elmir Alimzanov to miss the semifinals. Another Chinese player, Wang Zijie, lost 16-8 to Filipino's Noelito José in a 12-15 match to reach the round of 16.

Yu Lefan, who won the men's individual epee runner-up at the 2023 Asian Fencing Championships, said in an interview after the match: "The home game is a little nervous, because I have won him before, it is too easy to think about the match, if I am more patient, I will continue to expand the advantage of those points." This time it felt like it was related to my injury, there were too many mistakes throughout the game, and if I had made fewer mistakes, I might have won this game. (End)