Hangzhou, September 9 (ZXS) -- Topic: The national table tennis men's team won the championship "completed the task" Ma Long frankly said that "this is the last Asian Games"

China News Agency reporter Xing Chong

Defeating South Korea's Park Kang-hyun 3:0, on the evening of the 26th, National Table Tennis Team Captain Ma Long sealed the victory for the Chinese team and led the men's team to win the Hangzhou Asian Games table tennis men's team championship, and the National Table Tennis has since achieved the eighth consecutive Asian Games men's team championship. The soon-to-be-35-year-old veteran also finished all the events of his fourth Asian Games.

"I did a good job with the men's team winning, and this should be my last Asian Games." When asked after the game how he felt differently about participating in the Asian Games for the fourth time, Ma Long said that after the previous Asian Games, he felt that there was a "next time", but this time, there should be no "next time".

On September 9, the men's team final of table tennis of the 26th Asian Games in Hangzhou was held in the gymnasium of Gongshu Canal Sports Park. China defeated South Korea 19-3 to win the eighth consecutive championship in the event. The picture shows China's Ma Long celebrating a score during the game. Photo by China News Agency reporter Luo Yunfei

Ma Long's Asian Games record dates back to 2006, when 18-year-old Ma Long won a men's team gold medal in table tennis with his teammates at the Doha Asian Games. After that, at the Guangzhou and Incheon Asian Games, he also left "golden memories". At the Asian Games in Jakarta five years ago, Ma Long did not enter the Chinese team squad, and was once thought that he was going to fade out of the arena.

Three years after the Asian Games in Jakarta, Ma Long reached the top of the Tokyo Olympics, becoming the first men's singles champion in Olympic history to successfully defend his title in table tennis, achieving a double-lap "Grand Slam", an unprecedented achievement. In the introduction of the participants released on the official website of the Hangzhou Asian Games, Ma Long's ultra-long resume sparked heated discussions among netizens, who jokingly said that "just looking at the resume makes me feel a sense of oppression."

This year, Malone continued his "brilliant resume". At the Asian Championships on the eve of the Asian Games, Ma Long defeated Fan Zhendong, the current men's singles world number one and this year's world champion, ending the singles "championship drought" that lasted for more than two years after the Tokyo Olympics, becoming the first men's singles "quadruple champion" in the history of the Asian Championships.

Coming to the Hangzhou Asian Games, although he only participated in the team event, from the group stage to the knockout stage to the final, Ma Long played five games and won 3-0. After leading his teammates to the top podium and achieving eight consecutive Asian Games championships for the national table tennis men's team, Ma Long said that he completed the task well.

The Asian Games only participated in team competitions, which was interpreted by the outside world as a signal of Ma Long's retirement. In the men's singles event at the Asian Games, Ma Long was replaced by Wang Chuqin, who has recently gained momentum. In the men's singles semifinals of this year's World Table Tennis Championships, Wang Chuqin defeated Ma Long 4:1 to advance to the final; In April, Wang Chuqin swept Ma Long to win the World Table Tennis Major League WTT Macau competition.

Wang Chuqin once regarded Ma Long as "the most feared opponent", saying that he has always fought the big brother with a learning attitude; Ma Long also did not hesitate to praise Wang Chuqin, calling him "courageous and resourceful." On the evening of the 26th, after finishing all the events of the Asian Games, Ma Long said that if his teammates needed it, he would continue to stay and spar.

At the award ceremony that night, some fans excitedly shouted "Marlon, see you in Paris", and Ma Long was also a little moved.

Marlon, will you see you in Paris again? Although he said that this is his last Asian Games, Ma Long told reporters that he will participate in other competitions and will continue to maintain a certain training intensity. (End)