Hangzhou, September 9 (ZXS) -- "I am very satisfied with today's score, although there are some small twists and turns in the middle, but it has not affected me to break through the 26-point mark. Chinese gymnast Zhang Boheng said after winning the championship on the 89th, "My ultimate goal is definitely to aim for next year's Paris Olympics." ”

On September 9, the men's individual all-around final of the 26th Asian Games was held in the gymnasium of Huanglong Sports Center. China's Zhang Boheng won the gold medal in the men's individual all-around gymnastics with a total score of 19.89. The picture shows Zhang Boheng in the ring competition. Photo by China News Agency reporter An Yuan

The men's individual all-around final of gymnastics at the Hangzhou Asian Games was held at the Huanglong Sports Center Gymnasium on the 26th, and the Chinese team's gymnastics world champions Zhang Boheng and Lan Xingyu faced off against Japan's Kitayuan Shoryu and Kawakami Shohei. After six rounds of competition, Zhang Boheng was crowned the "all-around king" with 89.299 points and set a new personal best. Beiyuan Zhangliu won the silver medal, and Lan Xingyu won the bronze medal.

In the preliminary round, Zhang Boheng ranked first with 88.564 points, and Shohei Kawakami and Shoryu Kitazono ranked second and third.

A total of 18 athletes competed in the men's individual all-around gold medal. Zhang Boheng has demonstrated "world-class" performance in floor exercise, pommel horse, ring, vault, parallel bars and horizontal bars.

In the first round of floor exercise in the final, Lan Xingyu appeared first, and he played steadily and scored 13.600 points. Subsequently, Zhang Boheng competed, and he was determined to win the all-around gold medal, and he played better in floor exercise, scoring 14.500 points. Japan's Joryu Kitazono scored 14.400 points, followed closely.

In the previous Hangzhou Asian Games gymnastics men's team final, Zhang Boheng won six events, making the first contribution to the Chinese team's defense of the title. "The Asian Games is equivalent to a 'middle school exam' before next year's Olympic Games, which means a lot to me." Zhang Boheng said after the men's team final that he was both excited and apprehensive as the host playing at home.

In the second round of pommel horse competition, Zhang Boheng tied the silver medallist Kitazono Takeyu Kitazono in the men's team event of competitive gymnastics at the Tokyo Olympics, scoring 14.600 points, and Lan Xingyu followed closely with 13.700 points.

In the third round, Lan Xingyu, who is the world champion of the ring, did not disappoint the audience, with a score of 15.266 that no one could match, and Zhang Boheng's performance of 14.933 points was also eye-catching. In the subsequent parallel bars competition, as the dominant event of the Chinese team, Zhang Boheng's score of 15.466 points left the suspense of this match only for the silver medal.

In the final round, the horizontal bar competition, Lan Xingyu, who had been chasing Beiyuan Zhangliu, failed to overtake the former. In the end, Zhang Boheng won the gold medal by 2.267 points ahead of the second place. Throughout today's six rounds of competition, Zhang Boheng led the whole way, showing the strength of the Chinese men's gymnastics individual all-around "one brother".

"The first floor exercise was still a bit tight, the landing was not too clean, and although the final horizontal bar scored well, I don't think he was quite at the highest level, but it was not easy to win the championship in the end." Talking about his favorite apprentice, Chen Wei, the coach of the Chinese gymnastics team, said that for Zhang Boheng's performance today, he scored 88 points, and the full score will have to wait until next year. (End)