Hangzhou, 9 Sep (ZXS) -- From the defeat of the Olympic Games to the coronation of the "new king," Zhang Boheng knocked on the door of "metamorphosis."

ZHANG Yichen, reporter of China News Agency

"In the game, I think it's more about being yourself. As long as the competition task is completed, the gold medal should be secure. In addition, today's breakthrough in scores is a milestone for me. Zhang Boheng, the "all-round king" of men's gymnastics at the Hangzhou Asian Games, said.

On September 9, the men's individual all-around final of competitive gymnastics at the Hangzhou Asian Games was held at the Huanglong Sports Center Gymnasium. China's Zhang Boheng won gold. The picture shows Zhang Boheng playing a parallel bars competition. Photo by China News Agency reporter An Yuan

The men's individual all-around final of the Hangzhou Asian Games gymnastics was held at the Huanglong Sports Center Gymnasium on the 26th, and after six rounds of competition, Zhang Boheng won the championship with 89.299 points and set a new personal best.

As early as the 2021 National Gymnastics Championships and Tokyo Olympic Trials, Zhang Boheng, a post-00s teenager who performed well, attracted attention from the outside world, however, he was unfortunately not selected for the Olympic selection due to his shallow experience. Later, he wrote on social media: "I think I'm worthy of myself. ”

In September of the same year, in the National Games held in Shaanxi, Zhang Boheng lost by 9.0 points in the battle with Xiao Ruoteng's new and old "all-round king". At that time, there was both regret and unwillingness in his eyes.

However, gold always shines, and since winning the men's individual all-around gold medal at the Kitakyushu Gymnastics World Championships in Japan, Zhang Boheng's name has been written in the merit book of Chinese gymnastics after Li Xiaoshuang, Feng Jing, Yang Wei and Xiao Ruoteng, becoming China's fifth world championship men's individual all-around champion. "Supernova" Zhang Boheng also began to emerge at this time.

"For me personally, I think gymnastics has always been a sport against me, as long as you show the mentality of training at the competition, you can ensure the effectiveness and results." Zhang Boheng said frankly.

During the Hangzhou Asian Games, it also coincided with the Antwerp Gymnastics World Championships. Because the Chinese gymnastics men's team has qualified for the Paris Olympics men's team in advance. So this time at the doorstep, the Chinese gymnastics men's team did its best to compete, and 23-year-old Zhang Boheng also became the most eye-catching player in the gymnasium of the Huanglong Sports Center.

Among the ten star athletes selected by the official website of the International Olympic Committee that deserve the most attention to this Asian Games, Zhang Boheng and the national table tennis "little devil" Sun Yingsha, Japanese swimmer Rikako Ikee, and South Korean freestyle star Huang Sunyu are among them. It can be seen that his excellent competition results have also increased his popularity.

During the Paris Olympic cycle, Zhang Boheng is gradually growing into the leader of the Chinese gymnastics men's team. At the previously concluded Chengdu Universiade, the battle between Zhang Boheng and Japan's Daiki Hashimoto ended regrettably due to the latter's injury. This time in the Asian Games, Zhang Boheng and Hashimoto Daiki still failed to "pass".

"Daiki Hashimoto did not come to the Asian Games, and I deeply regret it. But more importantly, I have to be better at my own project, fully engaged in the game, facing my own problems and adjusting my mentality. Zhang Boheng said.

In today's final, Zhang Boheng always maintained the full lead, did not give his opponent any chance, and vividly showed the strength of the Chinese men's gymnastics individual all-around "first brother". His movements during the game were also described by the audience as "smooth as chocolate".

"There is still room for improvement in his training. Today I gave him an 88, and the perfect score will be saved for Paris. Talking about his beloved apprentice, Chen Wei, the coach of the Chinese gymnastics team, said with a smile.

In the final round of the final, Zhang Boheng appeared on the horizontal bar finale, a set of moves flowed, when he landed steadily, the audience thundered, and his opponent Japan's Kitayuan Shoryu also applauded Zhang Boheng's wonderful performance.

On the night of the coronation of the new "all-round king" of men's gymnastics at the Asian Games, Zhang Boheng completed his "transformation". Needless to say, the next stop in Paris, he will still be overcome. (End)