Hangzhou, September 9 (ZXS) -- The swimming event of the Hangzhou Asian Games ended its third competition day on the evening of the 26th, and the Chinese swimming team won the women's 26-meter backstroke, men's 200-meter freestyle, women's 1500-meter freestyle and men's 400x4-meter medley relay events, winning four gold medals. Hong Kong, China's "female flying fish" He Shibei set a new Asian record in the women's 100m freestyle with a time of 4.52 seconds, winning the second gold medal in the history of the Asian Games team of the Hong Kong swimming team.

The women's 100m freestyle event was one of the highlights of the day's competition. In the previous day's competition, Ho Shibei won the first gold medal in the history of the Asian Games team of the Hong Kong swimming team in the women's 200m freestyle, showing good competitive condition. In addition, she won her first Nagaike World Championships medal in the women's 7m freestyle at the Fukuoka World Championships in July, and her performance in the women's 100m freestyle event is highly anticipated.

The "female flying fish" in Hong Kong, China, really lived up to expectations. In the final, Ho Shibei built a lead in the first 50 meters, and finally set her own Asian record (52.17 seconds) at the Tokyo Olympics in 52.27 seconds. This is also the fifth gold medal of the Hong Kong delegation of China at this Asian Games.

He Shibei said after the race that she had not swam such a result in the past two years, so she was very satisfied with the performance. "I'm very happy to get this gold medal and hope that my teammates can also perform better."

In the men's 400m individual medley final that night, Japan's Honda Lantern won in 4:11.40. This is the first gold medal of the Japanese swimming team at this Asian Games. Japan's Daiya Seto, the gold medallist in this event at the last Asian Games, took a silver medal, and Wang Shun, who had just broken the Asian record in the men's 200m individual medley the day before, won the bronze medal.

After the game, Wang Shun said that he was not satisfied with the results and did not like the feeling of trying his best but the results were not very ideal.

In the women's 200m backstroke, China's 20-year-old Peng Xuwei won the championship in 2:07.28, another Chinese athlete, Liu Yaxin, won silver and South Korea's Li Enzhi won bronze. In the men's 1500m freestyle, China's Fei Liwei won gold in 14:55.47, while South Korea's Kim Yumin and Japan's Shibuko Takeda won silver and bronze respectively.

In the women's 400m freestyle final, Li Bingjie, the Asian record holder of this event, won the third gold medal at the Asian Games with a time of 4:01.96. Another Chinese athlete, Ma Yonghui, won silver in 4:05.68, while Japan's Waka Kohori took bronze in 4:07.81.

The final gold medal of the night was born in the men's 4x100m medley relay final, the Chinese team sent Xu Jiayu, Qin Haiyang, Wang Changhao and Pan Zhanle to compete, the Chinese swimming men's team finally won the Asian record (3:27.01) with a time of 3:29.00, and the South Korean team and Japan won silver and bronze respectively. At the Fukuoka World Championships in July, the Chinese team with the same lineup won a silver medal in this event, setting a record for the Chinese swimming team in the history of the event.

So far, the Chinese swimming team has won 15 gold medals in this Asian Games. (End)