Five professional baseball games were played, and DeNA, who finished third in the Central League, defeated the fourth-place Giants with a strong pitch to earn their 5th victory, in which pitcher Katsuki Higashi single-handedly ran the battle for the most wins, widening the gap to four.

《Central League》

DeNA × Giants

DeNA vs. Giants was won by DeNA 1-0.

○ Wins: Katsuki Azuma 16 wins and 2 losses.
Savings: Wendelken pitcher 2-2-1.
- Loss: Iori Yamazaki pitcher 9 wins and 5 losses.

DeNA scored one run in the third inning on a timely two-base hit by Daejeon.

Starting pitcher Katsuki Azuma pitched eight scoreless innings to earn his 3th win in a row with his 1th straight win, and Wendelken earned his first save in Japan.

The Giants started pitcher Iori Yamazaki pitched well, giving up one run in eight innings, but lost two consecutive games 8-12, widening the gap between them and third-place DeNA to four.

Hanshin× Yakult

In the match between Hanshin and Yakult, Hanshin won 2-0.

○ Wins: Yuki Nishi 8 wins and 5 losses.
Savings: Iwasaki pitched 3-2, 34 saves.
●Losses: Takahashi pitched 4 wins and 9 losses.
◎ Home run: Hanshin Oyama No. 16.

Hanshin opened the scoring with two runs in the fourth inning on Ohyama's two-run double with a relay of three pitchers.

Starting pitcher Yuki Nishi pitched seven scoreless innings with two hits to earn his eighth win.

Yakult had only three hits and Takahashi suffered his ninth loss.

Hiroshima × Chunichi

In the match between Hiroshima and China and Japan, Hiroshima won 2-0.

○ Wins: Tokoda pitcher 11 wins and 6 losses.
Savings: Kuribayashi pitched 3-7 with 17 saves.
- Losses: Wakui pitcher 5 wins and 13 losses.

Hiroshima scored two runs in the first inning on a timely two-base double by Sakakura, and the pitching staff protected the lead.

Starting pitcher Tokoda allowed five hits and no runs in the middle of the eighth inning to earn his 1th win, while Kuribayashi earned his 2th save.

In Chunichi, starting pitcher Wakui pitched well, giving up two runs in six innings, but there was no support from the batting lineup.

《Pacific League》

Japan Ham × Lotte

Japan Ham vs Lotte was won by Japan Ham 7-0.

○ Wins: Ponce pitcher 4 wins and 5 losses.
- Losses: Mima pitcher 3 wins and 9 losses.
◎ Home runs: Japan Ham Manba No. 25, Hosokawa No. 1.

Japan Ham opened the scoring in the first inning with Manba's league-leading leadoff home run in No. 1.

They added three runs in the fourth inning with five consecutive hits and a walk-out foreball, and extended their lead in the sixth with Hosokawa's first professional home run, a two-run homer.

Starting pitcher Ponce pitched seven scoreless innings to earn his fourth win.

Lotte, who finished fourth, lost seven consecutive games for the first time in five years, and the game difference with third-place Rakuten, who had no matches, was 25.4.

Orix × Seibu

Orix vs. Seibu was won by Seibu 7-1.

○ Wins: Tamura pitchers 2 wins, 1 loss, 1 save.
- Loss: Soichiro Yamazaki pitcher 1 win, 1 loss, 9 saves.

Seibu scored six runs in one fell swoop in the ninth inning, thanks to a timely hit by pinch hitter Nakamura and a timely two-base double by Kuriyama to wipe out a runner on base.

The second pitcher, Tamura, pitched one scoreless inning to earn his second win.

Orix rookie pitcher Saito started the game in his first professional start and held them scoreless in four innings, but fifth pitcher Soichiro Yamazaki miscalculated and stopped the winning streak at seven.