Artem Milevsky has always been considered one of the most scandalous football players in the post-Soviet space. The Ukrainian managed to combine a bright game on the field and noisy parties in drinking establishments.

However, after retiring in 2021, the life of the now former athlete went downhill. His name, if it appeared in news reports, was exclusively in relation to alcohol abuse. And at the end of September, the striker's former partner in Dynamo Kyiv and the national team, Alexander Aliyev, announced the hospitalization of a friend.

"Thank God, I managed to put him in the hospital. He's been there for five days. The condition, of course, is very serious. But never mind, the doctors are struggling. I want to express my deep gratitude to Dynamo Kyiv and Igor Mikhailovich Surkis (president of the club - RT). He took care of all expenses. I will tell you what the situation will be. I go to him and visit him constantly," he said on social networks.

Even such information gave the fans reason for optimism, because a few days before hospitalization, Aliyev complained that his comrade refuses help and does not want to go to rehabilitation, although Surkis expressed a desire to personally pay all expenses.

"To this day, a person does not pick up the phone ... He personally does not want this, "complained the former Lokomotiv midfielder.

Another former partner, Yevgeny Seleznev, spoke about the same. According to him, he has recently been in touch with a friend and has repeatedly offered his help, including hospitalization. However, as the man assured, Milevsky himself does not want to change his life.

"Today the guys and I were supposed to take him to the hospital, but he doesn't pick up the phone. What can I do in this situation? Artyom turned off the road a little. Everyone should come together to help him. Many people say that he is an adult guy and should solve his own problems, but friends are known not when it's good, but in difficult moments, "Seleznev said.

A little earlier, Valery Peresolyak, the president of the last club, the colors of which he defended, called for a helping hand to Artyom. In response, the three-time champion of Ukraine asked the functionary not to touch him, otherwise promising to tell some "interesting story". Finally, the former midfielder of the national team Yevgeny Levchenko, like Seleznev, stressed: only a person can pull himself out of this situation.

One of the most talented post-Soviet football players of his generation hung up his boots in September 2021 at the age of 36. His last club, as already mentioned, was Minaj, for which he played only ten matches and never excelled.

"I lost the desire to play after I played there. Purely psychologically, I don't want to take to the pitch yet, unfortunately. This is due to the events that took place in Minai," the athlete explained the reasons for this step.

After that, Milevsky led a rather active life, posted videos on his own Youtube channel, talked about holding a farewell match, and also thought about playing for the Ukrainian national futsal team. The former football player and coach of Dynamo Kyiv Oleksandr Khatskevich spoke about the difficult emotional state of the athlete.

"I expected the best. It is clear that hard times are after the end of a career, but you need to remain a person in any situation. And go back to the Artem we knew. He will no longer become a football player, but he had a fairly serious project on YouTube. First of all, you need to start with yourself. I know a person needs help. That's it. Today he needs help. When he was still playing, he burned himself with his friends. Now, maybe, I got into the wrong company again, "the specialist noted.

In his opinion, if the athlete is not supported, he threatens to repeat the fate of another legend of the blue and white, Valentin Belkevich, who died at the age of 41.

"It burned down quickly. I don't want to lose Artyom. Yes, we are not best friends, but we are friends anyway. And I already have more life experience ... You can burn out very quickly if there are no people nearby who will help and direct," Khatskevich added.

A similar assessment of Milevsky's mood was given by blogger Roman Bebekh. He said that Artem fell into a deep depression and does not understand how to live and what to do after retiring from football.

Unfortunately, in the last year and a half, the silver medalist of the European Youth Championship has provided fans with few reasons to rejoice. So, in the spring of 2022, he got into a scandal with the distribution of free soup in Kyiv. Then the model and singer Daria Astafieva complained that the star in the company of comrades regularly came to the café with fumes. According to her, after another visit, one of the volunteers reproached the three-time champion of Ukraine for having money for alcohol, but he was not able to buy food for himself. In response, Artyom reproached the girl for wanting to "hype" on his name. Aliyev also supported his friend.

"Dasha, never PR at the expense of Kent! I have always defended it and I will continue to defend it. And what he drank there is none of your business, what he can afford. Even if he drank and he still had fumes, you didn't pour him to say that. You can tell him about it, but don't promote yourself," Aliyev said.

Since then, Milevsky has abandoned his personal social media accounts for a long time. However, in the photos on the network, he has noticeably changed not for the better: he has gained a lot of weight, and his face is swollen. At the same time, Artyom almost never parted with sunglasses. In the fall of 2022, a video appeared of him watching a Shakhtar match in one of the bars with a glass of alcohol in his hand. A little later, the man attended the premiere of the film "Nation of Football" in Kiev, and received a harsh assessment from the screenwriter of the film Nikolai Vasilkov.

"His eyes give him away. Oh, and it is always normally absorbed. But a little more stress, and we will lose our Milevsky, at least in the form to which we are accustomed, "Vasilkov complained.

The former football player in the comments advised the screenwriter "not to make people laugh." In the spring of this year, a new appearance of the former striker took place. In the company of Aliyev, he attended the UPL match between Dynamo and Inhulets. The appearance of the man unpleasantly surprised the fans, because in addition to the changes described, he lowered his unkempt beard. Finally, in the summer, he came to the farewell game of the aforementioned Seleznev, but did not enter the field.

Judging by the testimonies of acquaintances, the athlete had problems not only with health, but also with his financial condition. Many have noticed that he does not hesitate to advertise the so-called privateers selling bets on sporting events. And recently, a price list for services in one of the social networks appeared in the account of the former striker for cooperation.

So, he is ready to repost the publication for €400 and wish him a happy birthday for €500. A small video is estimated at € 1 thousand, and a series of posts in stories - at € 1.5 thousand. Moreover, Artem can even go to the specified place within Kiev for € 2 thousand.

But the most alarming was the publication of a strange video in which he signs a ball and a T-shirt for an auction. With difficulty standing on his feet, the athlete, again in unchanged sunglasses, with shaking fingers took a felt-tip pen and signed on the objects. Just after the appearance of the video in the country, they started talking about the fact that Milevsky needed help.