The head coach and seven Chanson players of the Women's Basketball and W-League left the club all at once in the middle of last season, and the league's investigation results were compiled, and the team was reprimanded for failing to properly manage the players.

The W-League research team held a press conference on the 25th to reveal the results of the investigation so far.

According to this, at the All Japan Championship in December last year, there was an emotional exchange between the players in a meeting after the team lost, and one player was hospitalized the next day, making it difficult for them to practice normally.

In response to this, the team staff told the players who spoke at the meeting that there was a possibility of penalties from anything, including dismissal, and many of the players were aware that they would be punished, leading to the departure of the head coach and seven players.

The team did not take disciplinary action against the players and did not follow up in a timely manner, such as denying the statement that "there is a possibility of a penalty".

Regarding this, the W-League imposed the lightest of the seven punishments, including expulsion and fines, on the 12th, stating that it was due to "neglect of proper management."

The W-League apologized to the people involved and fans for the upset and concern caused.