The Japan National Team, who have a 1-1 record in the first round of the Rugby World Cup in France, held a training session on 1 September in preparation for their third match against Samoa.

Japan will face Samoa in their third match on 29 Japan time, which is also 3-1.

The players, who will have an important match ahead of their first round advance, held a practice session at their base camp site of Toulouse on 1 September, and the first 1 minutes were open to the press.

On this day, the forwards and backs practiced separately, and the forwards, including captain HIMENO Kazuki and LEACH Michael, carefully checked the lineout movements, which was an issue in the match against England.

In addition, hookers such as HORIE Shota and SAKATE Atsushi repeatedly practiced throwing the ball in the lineout.

On the other hand, the Bucks players worked up a sweat during kicking practice, and Ryohei Yamanaka, Kotaro Matsushima, and Ryudai, who were called up in place of the injured players, were checking their feeling.

While Japan is ranked 25th in the world, Samoa, who will face them in their third match, are ranked 15th in the world and have a strong play that makes the most of their physicality.

Japan lost a test match held in Sapporo in July by a two-goal margin of 13-3, so they will be unable to lose in order to advance to the first round.

Assistant Coach Hasegawa responds to scrum against England

Assistant Coach Shin Hasegawa, who is in charge of scrum for the Japan National Team, commented on the scrum in the second match against England, "We were able to play a good scrum as we practiced, and I think the players were able to feel the feelings of the reserve members who played the role of England and formed the scrum ahead of the match. Our Team."

"I don't know if the scrum against England applies to the game against Samoa. Samoa have been making adjustments since we faced each other in July."

He then stated, "We have been able to practice well because we have been able to refresh ourselves since the match against England, and we can go with the image of the first match," and expressed their intention to compete in their own form with the keywords "Our detail" and "Our mentality" with a strong mindset.

Shota Horie: "First of all, I want to give everything for the next match"

Hooker HORIE Shota commented on Samoa's scrum, "It's big, heavy, and I have a strong impression of them, and if we play the same way as we did against England, we would lose the scrum, so we want to build a more scrum than that."

He also expressed his determination to "match up each player differently and have different habits, so once the squad is decided, we will discuss it within the team and prepare for it.

Speaking about his condition at the age of 1, the oldest player on the team, he said, "I don't have any major injuries and I think I'm in good shape. I will always do my best to play well in good condition."

Guchimoto: "If we can form our own scrum, it will go well"

Prop GUCHIMOTO commented on the scrum in the second match against England, saying, "We were able to organize the first scrum in the early stages of the match and it gave us confidence."

On the other hand, he said, "Even if we do well against England, it does not necessarily mean that we will be able to form well against Samoa, so we will focus on the match against Samoa."

In addition, Assistant Coach Shin Hasegawa, who is in charge of scrums, told us to be bullish just like we did against England, so he said, "I think it will work well if we can form our own scrum."