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Montse Tomé has changed the face and tone of the victory against Sweden. If Göteborg arrived with the suspicion that his time on the bench of the selection would be brief, in Córdoba his mood was already different. The victory has relaxed the concentration, the players, and has provoked even the accolade of the Government. The president of the CSD, Víctor Francos, who met with her at the Oliva concentration, called her after the victory to reiterate his support, according to TVE and confirmed by the coach herself.

"I appreciate that call. I spoke to him personally that night about Oliva. And, although it is true, that I felt confident and that I did not doubt what the profession felt, I appreciate that impulse that at a time like this is needed, "confessed the coach, who in these complicated days has relied on the psychologist that she has incorporated into the coaching staff, Emilio González, and in the press department to face her fourth appearance. "I felt strong, confident, prepared, but nobody expects a situation like this. We have adapted and I think well," Tomé acknowledged.

The coach did not forget that the start was not easy, especially because of the position in which the players were after the call. They felt obligated and it wasn't the best start. "During the first days of the concentration we noticed something strange that had to be solved. We have managed to talk, look at each other, be honest and take a step forward. In this team we have professional players, they have been 100% all the time," he described. "What they do best is play and we saw them enjoy against Sweden. After the victory they have shown more joy and the days have been quieter," he said.

What Tomé is not seen is out of the selection in the coming days. "I try to be honest and go head-on. I never felt that way. I didn't feel it was something the players were asking for. I felt strong, confident, I love football. Maybe I didn't transmit that strength from the beginning, but it was a difficult moment. What I wanted was for them to focus on football. And it was when we were able to exercise our profession when our face changed," he admitted before acknowledging that, as for any coach, "the results are what mark."

Before he will have to convince some players who he placed between a rock and a hard place. "The first few days were complicated by how it happened. We've known Montse for years and they have known us. Things are calmer with all the members of the delegation. If we give it our unconditional support? I couldn't say anything else. As the captains said, choosing coaches is none of our business," said Aitana Bonmatí.

Tomé has tried these days to impose his style. He started by letting his captains choose the dressing room, but confirmed that Alexia, Irene Paredes, Bonmatí and Mariona will only be during this concentration. "It's something I talked about with all the players. Because of how special and extraordinary this concentration was, they were going to choose the four captains, because of everything that had happened. I like that in a collective sport that type of values prevail and the gesture of Alexia giving the armband says what they are, "summarized the coach, who did not want to reveal what future plans she has for the captaincy.

What did she know about the claims that the players confessed they had been making for a year? It will be Jorge Vilda's second, but he did not delve into it. "We have grown a lot in a short time. Women's football has undergone a major change in a few years and, little by little, we have adjusted to those changes. We are at a key moment for everything to move faster, "he said before insisting that there are many things that separate him from his predecessor.

"I work differently, from talks to play. I have always said that a coach has to convey his vision of football. I like the associative and vertical game, intense in defense, solidarity, and this type of players gives it to us. That's what we try to convey and make them believe. They have pressure and we must help them improve."

Against Sweden, the result could not have been better. In a rarefied, complex environment with hardly any training, Spain prevailed. Now Switzerland waits with the need to win to stay alive in the fight after the defeat against Italy. "It will be a different match to the World Cup, expecting a context similar to the one they proposed to the Italians. But these players grasp the concepts super fast and are able to exercise them almost without training," said Tomé. For something they are the best in the world.

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