Linn Svahn enjoys that the pre-season, unlike previous years, is not about dealing with an injury.

The 23-year-old has had to put a lot of focus on building up the muscles in his upper body again and does not feel the shoulder anymore.

"I do everything I want and have an effect on everything I do. I feel strong and safe with it," she says.

"How much load can be tolerated?"

However, she believes that she will have to keep track of her previous injury for the rest of her career.

"It's a little Achilles heel or something you have to take into account. How much load can it withstand, how much can I do this and that. You wrestle with your various small ailments and bumps in the road and I just need to keep a little track of it.

She continues:

"There's nothing that limits me or prevents me from running full throttle. But if I've been driving drunk, maybe gas, I might have to make sure I can do it again in a few days.

So you need to adjust the training a bit?

"I don't think I need to adapt anything overall, I just need to be smart in the training puzzle and see what we get the most effect out of. It may not be to strain the shoulder every day for a long time, but instead maybe bring home a little now and then so that it stays fresh all the time.

"Don't want to deal with a decay"

Sprint specialist Svahn finished fourth at the World Championships this spring despite shaky preparations. Today, she says that she herself is fascinated by how well it went in terms of how poorly she trained and how bad the status was at times.

"It's a relief to be out on the other side. Now the conditions are completely different. This is how I want to do sports. I want to keep going to get better and not to deal with a decay. I look forward to continuing. There are still two months left until the start of the season and there is still a lot to be done.